Asset management with flexibility & muscle 

Unlock the power of your assets 

Your assets are your tools. Over the years, you will rack up thousands of files – your images, presentations and documents – all of which are important to your projects. Whether it’s marketing material, social media content or e-commerce, you need quick and easy access to your assets if you’re going work effectively. You need a place to store them that’s organised. Somewhere that’s big enough. And somewhere you, your colleagues and your customers can access quickly.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) gives you exactly that. DAM lets you manage your assets digitally, removing the barriers from projects both big and small.

Growing with DAM 

In a business centred around assets, there’s a three mighty important things you need in order to succeed – speed, security and scalability. DAM has them all.

  • Speed – DAM gives you instant access to your assets, with a 200 millisecond first load time.
  • Security – Your data is stored in the cloud and backed up routinely. You’ll never have to worry about losing files again.
  • Scalability – Using the cloud, your infrastructure is fully scalable, meaning the sky’s the limit in terms of growth. 

Bing Digital – putting you in control

With DAM from Bing Digital, you’re in charge. We move your data to the cloud using the powerful Larval Framework. Why? It’s simply the best. The cream of the crop. Larval gives you staggeringly quick access to your assets with full flexibility. Run different sites from the same asset library with the option of different languages on each site. The simple to use admin dashboard even lets you organise and evaluate your sites with real-time analytics. Organisation and control at your fingertips.

Collaboration made easy 

Our DAM platform makes working together a breeze. It’s as simple as that. Lightboxes allow your team to share ideas instantly and grant access to projects with ease. The speed of content delivery has been enhanced too, meaning you can share work and update campaigns seamlessly. Multiple methods of file transfer – both FTP and HTTP – make uploading and organising assets trouble-free. And with cloud storage, all of this can be done from any device. Mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop – you can access your assets from home, work or half way around the world. 

Suits you 

We know your business isn’t the same as the one down the road. You’re better than them. That’s why we spend time getting to know exactly what you need. Our bespoke packages are tailored to you and your business. The result? You get a DAM system that integrates flawlessly with your sites and fits in perfectly to optimise workflow.

So, what are you waiting for? 

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