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With the right management and strategy from a London ecommerce SEO Agency like Bing Digital, your site can be turned into a lead generating business tool. Getting your site listed above your competitors by using SEO doesn’t need to be expensive but it’s certainly a great investment and a results driven marketing avenue for your business. Get in touch for a free audit with an ecommerce seo consultant with one of the best SEO Agency London & Kent.

SEO Marketing for ecommerce business

Looking for results-driven SEO services in London? Bing Digital has a team of expert ecommerce seo specialists to elevate your online store revenue. All you need is to increase the flow of online orders and our London ecommerce SEO consultants know what it takes to rank your product pages in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results. We will work on an ecommerce SEO strategy to increase conversions to your online store.We know what it takes to improve your branding, get rankings, and start generating an inflow of orders.

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Bing Digital ecommerce SEO services have decades of SEO marketing experience. We use industry-leading digital marketing tools to place your online shop at the top for purchase-intent based queries. We are an award-winning SEO company in London and we value transparency. Our trusted SEO consultants offer product page optimization, navigation optimization, link building, and content marketing services.

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We're a dedicated seo company in Kent and we have seo teams in London and Brighton so wherever you are in south east London we can support your business. We offer the following ecommerce SEO services: Keyword research Site audit Information architecture audit Ecommerce competitive analysis Keyword mapping to target keyword and category pages Title and meta tag changes Structured data optimization Content optimization Sitemap and robots.txt implementation Google Analytics and Search Console set up Featured snippets optimization Complete reporting

Did you know 90% of search engine users will click on a result in the first 3 pages of search engine rankings store.

Where is your business ranking?

Search engines like Google show sites in search results they believe to be authoritative and relevant. They measure relevance by analysing content and they measure authority based on several things, but most importantly on the number and quality of links a page has, because links are like votes. The more votes, reflect the higher your site ranks. 88% of search engine users will change their query if they don’t find what they are looking for in the first three pages of search engine rankings.

Investing In eCommerce SEO

Investing in a solid SEO strategy could be the best long term aspect of marketing your business online. There are some “must have” elements to SEO, in the way your site is built, the way the content is laid out, promotional techniques and how many other sites in a similar category like it and link to it. Every SEO Service has its own strategy and every website has different needs. Our SEO team will fix any problems and then apply the right SEO strategy for your website & business specific requirements. thoughtshift “There is no point building a million pound shopping center ecommerce seo agency and not telling people how to find it”

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Without SEO and online marketing, your website joins millions of other sites that cannot be found by the correct people. This in turn means your beautifully designed site has gone to thoughtshift waste and your services are not being found by potential customers. Our team will work with you to learn and understand your business, profile your customers and formulate the right strategy advertising in order to achieve the right results. Our SEO Clients

We deal with a wide range or market places, from highly competitive Children’s fashion shopping sites store to niche local businesses advertising. Our results are providing our customers quality traffic but more importantly sales and conversions. If you would like to speak to our SEO Clients please get in touch so that we can put you in touch uk.

How we do Ecommerce SEO at Bing Digital

It is said that 90 per cent of search engine users will opt to click on a search engine result in the first three pages of search engine ranking pages they click on. Therefore it is essential for reflect any online business to invest in effective search engine marketing that will deliver a results driven string to your marketing bow.

So let us inform you more about how we go about search engine marketing (SEO) as the industry has changed entirely in the last few years. Major search engines such as Google and Bing now display websites in their search results providing they are authoritative and relevant to targeted search queries. Relevance is measured by reflect content analysis and authority is measured on the number and quality of links it has to the individual page.

Results that matter

As a result, there is a strict strategy we follow to ensure that we do the right thing for each of our SEO clients and reach out to your target demographic:
The first phase of our SEO strategy is keyword research; and lots of it. Our team works to identify the groups of keyword phrases that customers are using to search for products and services such as our client’s store.

Results focused Seo Consultant in London

Online tools make it relatively straightforward to determine the most used search phrases but the real skill is finding the ones that are heavily used but are least competitive in terms of the total number of search results. Keeping our client(s) in the loop Before we get to work with any content creation it is important to report back to our clients on our findings and set agreeable goals and targets that we will aim to meet regarding rankings uk. seo ecommerce agency seo agency Bing Digital results focused seo ecommerce agency how to rank ecommerce products with seo results search engine optimisation code review inside view ranking report seo ecommerce agency seo agency Bing Digital results focused seo ecommerce agency how to rank ecommerce products with seo results search engine optimisation code review inside view ranking report seo ecommerce agency seo agency Bing Digital results focused seo ecommerce agency how to rank ecommerce products with seo results
Bing Digital eCommerce Seo Agency
We also need to be able to have access to our clients’ current site traffic information as it is important for us to know how searchers are finding and interacting with their sites already.

E-commerce SEO Agency London

Without a clear search engine optimisation strategy, every ecommerce site – no matter how well designed – will struggle to rank well and attract organic traffic en masse.

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to talk to an ecommerce SEO expert and find out more.

Ecommerce is all about selling. But you can’t sell products without people visiting your site. After all, what use is a great user experience if there are no users? That’s where ecommerce SEO comes in.

Bing Digital’s ecommerce SEO services will make sure you’re flying high when it comes to your search engine results. We combine a wealth of experience in ecommerce with the latest SEO expertise and a unique data-driven approach. The result? More people visiting your ecommerce website and a better bottom line.

What exactly is SEO?

By now, you’ll be well aware that SEO stands for search engine optimisation. But far
too many companies try to complicate what it actually means.

Essentially, search engines – like Google, Bing and Yahoo – want websites to deliver the optimum experience for people. Achieve this and they’ll recommend your site to their customers. This is SEO.

As you can imagine, many facets impact this experience.
Ecommerce SEO extends from on-site optimisation like internal link structures and load times to off-site factors such as backlinks and authority. These all add up to determine where your site ends up when someone searches for your products. That applies to your site as a whole, but also to specific landing pages for products and categories.

The importance of SEO for ecommerce

Did you know that 35% of people only click on the top search engine result? And that 75% of people don’t even make it to page 2? Quite simply, if your website isn’t ranking highly, your customers are going elsewhere. Even worse, they’re visiting your competitor’s websites.

That, in a nutshell, is why SEO matters so much for ecommerce. It’s the essential first step in most customers’ journey with your brand. You could put all the time and money in the world into the way your website looks and feels, they way your products work or even the way you look after your customers. But if they can’t find you, it doesn’t mean a thing.

The benefits of ecommerce SEO

The core purpose of ecommerce SEO is to get your site higher on relevant search results pages. With this comes a wide range of benefits that make a noticeable difference for your ecommerce site and your business’s bottom line.

Traffic boost

Getting your site to the top position in search engine results will automatically increase the number of impressions and clicks your website receives. By boosting the traffic to your site, SEO ultimately helps deliver more leads and sales for your ecommerce business.

Improved user experience

SEO isn’t simply about using the right keywords. It’s also about improving the overall experience for those who visit your website. Mobile friendly designs. Fast loading times. A simple and clear navigation. All of these factors and more help create a greater user experience overall. And it also makes search engines happy. Win-win.

Build brand awareness

There’s a reason why such a high percentage of searchers click on the first result they see. That reason is trust. Top position rankings give your website more exposure and credibility. Even if users don’t click on your site the first time they see it, they’ll come to recognise and trust your brand over time.

Cost effective

The results from a well-executed SEO marketing campaign are much more qualified than any other marketing strategy. SEO targets users who are looking for your product and service, so you’re guaranteed a much more positive ROI. That means more money coming into your business after that initial investment.


While pay-per-click marketing and social media campaigns are powerful methods in their own right, the impacts of a well-executed ecommerce SEO campaign are long-lasting. After an SEO audit and full-site optimisation, for example, you could be reaping the rewards of more traffic and a better user experience for years to come.

Our ecommerce SEO services

SEO isn’t just about one specific page. Nor is it about a particular metric or criterion. Instead, it’s a multi-faceted science that combines everything from content to back-end infrastructure. At Bing Digital, we provide a range of specialist SEO services for ecommerce sites that truly cover all bases.

SEO auditing

Get a comprehensive audit of your ecommerce site to see how it measures up when it comes to SEO. From the technical performance of the site to ranking and competitor analysis, we’ll give you an accurate picture of where you’re at right now.

Keyword research

It’s no use being at the top of Google’s search results for something that’s irrelevant to your business. We’ll do the digging and crunch the numbers to identify the most suitable and attainable keywords tailored to your commerce site, your products and most importantly your target market.

Consultancy & strategy

Where do you start if you want to improve your search engine ranking? With a clear strategy that’s bespoke to your objectives, you’ll have a complete roadmap for the SEO journey ahead. From small fixes to ongoing projects, our team will outline how you can improve your ecommerce SEO for tangible results.

On-site SEO

By taking a hands-on approach, our team can make an array of tweaks and improvements to transform your site from an SEO perspective. Whether it’s your home page, products, categories or the lot, we’ll help your commerce store reach its true potential.

Link Building

Link-building plays an important role for any site’s SEO. Bing Digital will make sure your site has plenty of links – most importantly from the right sites – to show search engines you’re well regarded and boost your rankings in turn.

SEO content

Ongoing content creation can provide a much-needed boost for your site’s SEO. From keyword-specific landing pages to long-form blog posts, we’ll deliver high-quality, polished content that search engines love – and your customers love too!

Why Bing Digital?

When you’re looking to improve SEO for your ecommerce site, you’ll find plenty of SEO agencies and ecommerce companies vying for your attention. What sets Bing Digital apart is that we combine both.

Ecommerce experts

Bing Digital has been a leading force in ecommerce since the turn of the millennium, giving us over two decades of award-winning experience in design and development. Put simply, we have a full working knowledge of all the top ecommerce latforms – from Magento and WooCommerce to Shopify and BigCommerce.

Data-driven SEO

That’s paired with a data-driven approach and specialist expertise for e-commerce SEO. Our in-house SEO team knows exactly what search engines are looking for, staying constantly ahead of the curve when algorithms or requirements are updated. We combine that knowledge with powerful data to make changes that we know will improve your site.

A wealth of experience

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve successfully implemented countless search engine optimisation strategies for a range of local, national and global ecommerce clients. And we can do the same for you too. Take a look at our glowing testimonials and you’ll quickly see the positive results Bing Digital can achieve for your business.

The e-commerce SEO process

As a data-driven ecommerce SEO agency, we don’t do things by chance. Bing Digital has a tried-and-tested approach to assess and improve your site’s search engine rankings.

The magic doesn’t stop there. Our ecommerce SEO services are designed to ensure your site maintains its top dog ranking status. Optimised pages for new products. Targeted categories to jump on emerging trends. Small tweaks to work with updated algorithms. Or ongoing content creation to keep your site active. Whatever it is, we’ll make sure your ecommerce site stays at the peak of SEO greatness. process-img


First and foremost, we want to understand your business. What do you do, why do you do it, how have you approached SEO so far and what do you want to achieve going forwards?


We then move onto a complete ‘belt-and-braces’ analysis on your site. From backlinks and metadata to rankings and competitor analysis, we want to understand everything before taking action.


By researching market sectors and dissecting consumer search trends, we then develop a bespoke ecommerce SEO strategy that covers all bases to boost your site’s rankings.


Expect a targeted SEO strategy with comprehensive site configuration. That includes on-site and off-site optimisation, performed by time-served ecommerce experts.


Time to reap the rewards. We’ll monitor your site’s rankings, traffic and conversion, then provide regular reports so you can see just how well your site is performing.

Supercharge your ecommerce SEO

It’s time to reap the rewards of ecommerce SEO. Bing Digital has everything you need and more to impr ove your site’s SEO performance, boost rankings and get the traffic flowing in.

Get in touch with us today to arrange a free, no obligation consultation about your ecommerce SEO requirements. We’ll discuss your needs in more depth, outline how we can help then leave you to make an
informed decision in your own time.

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Ecommerce SEO FAQs

SEO isn’t as confusing and mystical as some like to make out. To clear up any confusion, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about our ecommerce SEO services.

There’s no one-size-fits-all cost for ecommerce SEO – and it’s best to steer clear of anyone who says otherwise. At Bing Digital, we assess our clients’ requirements on a case-by-case basis. Only then can we provide a bespoke quote that meets your needs and helps you hit your targets. Crucially, there’s no obligation, so you can make an informed decision in your own time.
Some of the changes we make will have an almost instant impact on your search engine rankings. Others will take time to gradually improve your position. Whatever the case, we’ll make sure you’re in the know with regular reports about rankings, traffic and conversion rates.
Poor rankings can be down to a variety of factors. Slow loading times, lack of security, no backlinks, duplicate content – it could be one big problem or several smaller issues. Whatever the case, we’ll make sure it’s identified and put right with a thorough ecommerce SEO audit and step-by-step strategy.
The vast majority of ecommerce customers come from search engines. Without the right SEO strategy and implementation, you’ll be letting those customers slide. And they’ll be sliding all the way to your competitors. Ecommerce SEO is essentially top of the pile when it comes to important factors for your success.
Keywords are critical to SEO. They’re the terms and phrases used by potential customers to find businesses and products like yours. If you’re not using the right phrases, or not using them correctly, you probably won’t be found. As part of our comprehensive SEO audit, the Bing Digital team will identify specific keywords and search terms that you could and should rank for, then work to get you there.
At Bing Digital, we take a flexible approach to SEO for ecommerce sites. With in-house expertise covering ecommerce and SEO, we’re fully equipped to implement any changes needed to improve your rankings. That extends from back-end tweaks to SEO-optimised content. That said, if you’re confident in making changes yourself or you already work with your own content writers, for example, we’re happy to provide the audit and strategy to guide you.
To use a classic line, judging SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is like comparing chalk and cheese. The two each have their own clear benefits and – when used properly – can both be hugely fruitful for ecommerce. SEO is essentially like playing the long game. Making changes now to gradually improve your performance and reap rewards over time. On the flipside, PPC delivers instant results. But it also requires instant investment. Most importantly, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, so you can use PPC and SEO alongside one another for great results.

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