The coronavirus outbreak has hit pubs and restaurants hard. With a lockdown in place, the only way you can sell food is by takeaway. But how on earth do you get that up and running?

Here’s the great news for you!

You can now turn your pub or restaurant into a takeaway within 24 hours! We’re offering our full setup, design and build services – and it’s completely FREE.

✅Fully Branded Setup of your Restaurant App

✅Menu uploaded and ready to order from

✅Facebook Integration

✅Existing Website Integration – if you don’t have one, we will set one up for you.

✅Full support through the process

✅Added to the FoodBooking App for your local Area

✅Order Management APP for the Restaurant to accept orders and communicate with its, customers. Which can be used on Tablet or SmartPhone.

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The perfect solution for restaurants

Social distancing is going to continue in the UK for several months. Even after the full lockdown, the public will be advised not to go out to restaurants and bars. After that? People will still be exercising caution, with restaurants struggling to fill tables and continue to trade.

Put simply, restaurants need to adapt. Since the start of March, we’ve seen many restaurants offering a takeaway service to continue trading. Great idea – it’s fully permitted in the Government’s advice and reduces a lot of the risk of spreading the virus.

But there are still some issues. There’s no way to make payment without coming into close contact with customers and no easy way to take orders. Most restaurants are resorting to social media, calls or texts, which is a massive headache to manage.

We’ve harnessed 20 years of ecommerce experience to find an easier way…

Temporary takeaway

If your restaurant can adapt to become a temporary takeaway business, we can equip you with a powerful online takeaway system. It’s that simple.

It will manage all of the otherwise tricky aspects of takeaway and collection services. That includes payments, which can be taken securely via the app, minimising the risk of fraud and eliminating the need for close contact.

Our system has a host of features:

  • Online payments
  • Delivery area restrictions
  • Easy menu editing
  • Menu up-selling
  • Management app for Phone and Tablet to look after orders and communicate with the customer
  • Alert Calls for when orders have been placed but not accepted by the restaurant.

You could be taking orders in as little as 24 hours after submitting your details. If you are interested, please call or Whatsapp 0800 802 1206 or fill out the form below. We’re currently available 24/7.

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Want to learn more, click on these tabs to take a closer look at how the app works, the features, costs and more.  

How It Works 

Our easy-to-use restaurant management portal allows your restaurant team to log in and manage the various aspects of the business. From hereyou can set your menus, delivery times and specific areas if you have any. You can also implement discount codes for select customer groups. 


Managment Platform for Takeaways

This is then pushed to a web app that plugs into your website using a simple line of code. All aspects will be branded and in-line with your current setup. We also plug the app into your Facebook page, allowing customers to make secure orders through social media. Finally, the app is linked to a generic food delivery app so your business can appear in listings for the local area.

Alongside the web app, you will have a mobile or tablet app so you can manage your orders and communicate with your customers, keeping them completely up to speed with their order.

Full Features List

Ordering & Reservations 

  • Complete online ordering for websites
  • Native ordering from mobile browsers
  • Online ordering snap-in for Facebook pages
  • Table reservation module for websites
  • Table booking with ordering in advance
  • Reservations received and confirmed in real-time with the order taking app
  • Real-time ordering on websites 
  • Customer addresses book

App Management

  • Visual, drag & drop online menu editor
  • Support for uploading own dish images
  • Customizable food items: sizes, choices and add-ons with multiple select

Easy Checkout 

  • Single page checkout
  • Auto-fill for returning customers
  • Real-time confirmation of the order
  • Promotions and Coupon Codes

Restaurant Order Management App 

  • Mobile or Tablet app for receiving orders in real-time
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Visual and audio notifications on a new order
  • Easy review of customer and order details
  • Real-time confirmation of the order and fulfilment time
  • Multiple Alerts when the ordering app is not reachable
  • SMS Auto-print support
  • Thermal Printing directly from the app (works with compliant Epson, Seiko and Start models)
  • Multiple opening hours for delivery and pick-up

Additional Tools 

  • Delivery zones settings using Google Maps data
  • Minimum order and/or min delivery fee options
  • Order for later with scheduled fulfilment
  • Ordering stats, delivery heat-map, clients and orders lists (with data export)
  • Promotions Engine with support for coupons, customers segmentation and targeting
  • Multi-location support


We want to make this accessible to as many businesses as possible so we won’t be charging for any design or setup of your app and there’ll be no monthly fee for using the service. The only cost to you will be a £25 per month for credit card processing. This is a direct cost to us which we are passing on. You will also need to have an existing merchant account for this aspect. However, if you don’t, we can assist with setting one up quickly.

Compare that to other sites like Just East, which are time-consuming to set up and have a slow approval rate. They also take a percentage share (15%-20%) of the order values, which further impacts small businesses. Instead, our solution provides the absolute minimum cost per month.


Once the current economic climate has recovered, some more technical packages and bolt-ons can be added to the app should you want to continue to use it and grow this side of your restaurant business.

For example, we can offer a completely branded app that is downloadable via App Store or Google Marketplace. This gives a full extension of your business with table bookings, pre-ordering, and easy to read menus, much like the app above but more focused around your brand. We can also integrate these apps into your existing EPOS or Booking system.

Let’s Talk

If you think this could help your business and you would like a call or a preview/demonstration, please get in touch.

We are looking for feedback on our approach from local restaurants so please let us know if you have any questions or comments, or if you want to get set up or refer a business you know who could benefit from this!



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