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How an Ecommerce Consultant Can Help You

Setting up and maintaining an online business is a challenging process. You might feel overwhelmed by the variety of technical procedures involved – from search engine optimisation to creating successful Google Ad campaigns. The amazing products in your store unfortunately don’t provide a guarantee to ecommerce success – not without a clear, engaging website and a focused strategy plan.

Ecommerce consultants have years of experience in the industry and extensive knowledge of how to create a successful ecommerce brand. In this article, we’ll explain how an ecommerce consultant can help you take your business forward. Plus, we’ll take you through exactly what an ecommerce consultant is and what types of tasks they can assist you with. Read on to learn more…

What is an ecommerce consultant?

An ecommerce consultant is an expert in the field of ecommerce. They will have vast experience of the planning, developing, optimising and marketing of ecommerce websites. They can provide advice, support and guidance to help you through the challenges of running an online business. In certain cases, they can also manage some of the work for you, such as an email marketing or Google Ads campaign, if this is required.

#1 – Optimising your ecommerce website

Ecommerce consultants understand what makes ecommerce websites work. They know that ecommerce websites need to be fully optimised and customer-focused from the homepage to the FAQs.

If your conversion rate is low, then chances are there’s a problem with your website that stops consumers from sticking around to make a purchase. Website optimisation requires a multidisciplinary approach, covering several issues, including SEO, page speed, CRO testing, backlinks and mobile usability.

Ecommerce consultants are very experienced with ecommerce websites and can quickly locate the issue, propose an effective solution and help you to maintain your website for the future.

#2 – Ecommerce website auditing and testing

Ecommerce consultants will audit multiple aspects of your website to locate any issues. This will potentially include the speed and performance of your webpage, user experience, mobile optimisation, as well as your conversion rate. Overall, they will analyse the effectiveness of your website – does it serve its purpose of creating new sales?

#3 – Seeking guidance from an ecommerce consultant

Sometimes you just need a bit of expert advice. An ecommerce consultant can provide valuable insights about online business and marketing. They can also advise you about general aspects of your ecommerce business to get you on track. Whether you need a bit of extra guidance to optimise your website for SEO or to create a better experience for your customers, an ecommerce consultant gives you clear guidance, so you can focus on what you do best.

#4 – Leadership for challenging projects

If your latest project is getting out of hand and you need a bit more than just guidance, then ecommerce consultants can manage certain projects for you. It might be a challenging Google Ads campaign or optimisation for SEO. Whatever project you need them for, ecommerce consultants can take the reins and manage the project to suit your needs.

#5 – Platforming and replatforming your ecommerce business

The platform you use to host your ecommerce business will have a huge impact on your success. If your ecommerce platform is restrictive and no longer fit for purpose, then it might be time to contact an ecommerce consultant. As ecommerce is a multi-disciplinary field, ecommerce consultants are very experienced, not just with project managing and testing, but with replatforming, PPC and SEO as well.

An ecommerce replatforming consultant can help you to find the perfect platform for both long-term and short-term success and help you to migrate to your chosen platform.

Depending on the complexity and customisation of your ecommerce website, ecommerce replatforming can be a costly and time-consuming process. Consulting an ecommerce replatforming consultant can help you save time and money by providing clear direction for your platform change.

#6 – Developing UX for your ecommerce website

If you have a high ‘bounce rate’, with customers leaving your website after looking at only a single page, this might suggest an issue with UX (user experience).

User experience issues include poor design and confusing navigation. Ecommerce consultants have a wide understanding of UX design and best practices to ensure your customers truly enjoy the experience of browsing your site, encouraging them to stick around until they complete a successful checkout.

#7 – Boosting SEO with an ecommerce consultant

As well as optimising your website, an ecommerce SEO consultant can perform an SEO audit to look for weaknesses – including for backlinks and content. They can then improve SEO across your existing site and help you to implement a better SEO strategy going forward. If your business is struggling to get noticed in the sea of search engine results, an ecommerce SEO consultant can make a world of difference.

#8 – Improving conversions through PPC campaigns

Along with organic marketing, sponsored advertisements are integral to a successful ecommerce business. However, it can be a challenge to create a winning PPC campaign if you don’t have the right experience.

Ecommerce PPC consultants understand how to find the best keywords and implement campaigns to land new conversions for your business. As well as increasing the number of customers finding your business through search engines, ecommerce PPC consultants can drastically improve your conversions after they’ve clicked through.

#9 – Creating an ecommerce strategy

As well as imparting short-term advice to support you through a challenging project or issue, utilising ecommerce strategy consulting can help your business move forward in the long term. Ecommerce strategy consulting helps you to create a clear, long-term plan for your ecommerce business, including for marketing and user experience.

By creating a long-term strategy for your ecommerce business, you have a defined, expert-approved set of steps towards your ecommerce goals. This provides your business with a sense of direction, so you can avoid wasting time attempting to see what works through trial and error.

Enhance your ecommerce website to maximise conversions

Ecommerce is a complex field, so it can take time for entrepreneurs to get to grips with their business website and social media outlets. That’s why an ecommerce consultant can make a world of difference to your online business, helping it to run optimally and maximise sales.

At Bing Digital, our experienced ecommerce consultants are multi-disciplinary, with experience from all areas of ecommerce, including SEO, PPC and strategy planning, so you have full support for a holistic approach to your ecommerce business.

Want to take your business further with an ecommerce consultant? Get in touch with our team to get started.

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