Many small and large business owners consider online videos as tedious and expensive investments. What they fail to realise is that despite the relatively high costs of video production, this type of digital marketing provides great value to a business in terms of branding, viral exposure of products and services, increased conversion rates, and in building more links for SEO purposes. Video marketing has a great potential for generating secure and high quality links to your business site in the shortest time possible.

Take for instance this video from Concerto Live produced by Video Production geniuses ClearBlue. It breaths brand look and feel and conveys exactly what the company does in a friendly and engaging way. It’s just over 2 minutes long but tells a story that would take much longer to read and understand if in writing.

Is Video Marketing right for our company?

Here are a few reasons why capitalizing on online video marketing can significantly enhance your link building and overall digital marketing activities.

A video can basically be considered as an expressive mode of content delivery. It is not just a type of content, such as a blog post, but an engaging form of media content too. Videos are interactive, extremely engaging, have a high potential for going viral within a short time, and can generate links for you. A video that goes viral can be used as link bait. However, it is important to ensure that the videos provide informative and entertaining value to your targeted audience. Your aim should be to create entertaining video infographics capable of taking your online marketing activities to a higher level.

Bing Digital realise the value of YouTube in increasing brand awareness in online marketing. Having a YouTube presence also significantly helps in building back links to your business site. YouTube is one of the best platforms for generating leads essential for link building, especially when you can create engaging videos with the capacity to go viral within a short time.

You can also use video content to significantly boost your online marketing ventures through YouTube ads. Although the YouTube ads platform is still in an infancy stage, many large companies are already using it to run their television advertisements. One of the most effective ways of using YouTube ads in video marketing is by advertising free content or creating an email list of potential clients.

Videos can also be used to augment commercially focused pages of your company’s website and as a way of enhancing your blogging strategies. They can also boost your PR efforts through video news releases. These are useful PR campaigns that help in link building and in other areas of digital marketing.youtube

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