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How to sell expensive items online

There is no quick fix when it comes to selling expensive, high-end products to the consumer market online. It is not hard to realise that high ticket items are indeed a different species as opposed to selling low-end goods but at the end of the day the concept is still about buying and selling.

Essentially the first step for an online business looking to sell expensive items is to identify the buying process of your target market. Let’s be honest, there’s unlikely to be too much deliberating over a £10 fancy dress costume but when it comes to a £2,000 watch or even a £50,000 commercial property there’s likely to be far more steps a consumer takes before completing a sale.

In the higher realms you may have more opportunity to make an impression to a potential customer but it is still highly important to make their first interaction with your website count. Focus on emotive, reassuring sales copy that says to the consumer that you are a business with significant expertise and integrity – essential when consumers a handing over big sums of cash for goods.

Don’t scrimp on word length either; longer, authoritative copy almost always beats short copy for sales impact. Put yourself into the shoes of the consumer – if you are forking out thousands of pounds on an item you’re very likely to want to do your research and read as widely around the subject as possible. Be sure to overcome all potential fears and concerns whilst encompassing all the potential plus points of your product or service.

There is a danger that long-length copywriting may be considered wordy and long-winded, but providing you remain relevant you’ll be sure to hook the reader.

Above all, if your business’s bottom line is dependent on online sales of your high ticket items make  sure your website is as easy-to-use and navigable as possible. No matter how complex the product or service you are selling there’s no need to transfer that complexity to the user experience of your website. Don’t be too pushy with calls-to-action; you want to help the customer feel like they are being coaxed through the buying process to close the sale.

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Aside from words, the overall design of your website should also mimic the quality of your products or services. A clutter-free, stylish and contemporary design creates an inviting online store that exudes luxury before they’ve even considered the content! However, some businesses that deal in the luxury market make the cardinal sin of paying for or designing a classy website but fail to support it with copy that resonates with prospects.

In many day-to-day retail scenarios, consumers don’t find the buying process enjoyable at all. The prospect of acquiring a new high ticket item might be attractive and fun, but put a pen and paper to confirm payments of hundreds of pounds a month for the next few years and suddenly it might not be so fun.

As buyers, we have inherent fear about the purchases we make. By understanding those fears and building reassurance and high-quality customer support into the sales process and offer you’ll go some way to influencing those wavering customers.

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