Explosive like a Grenade…

Grenade is a UK brand, renowned worldwide for its sports supplements and active wear.
They provide a range of snacks, drinks and powders – all designed to supercharge athletes. The problem? It’s hard to market products that are “explosive like a grenade” when your site is sluggish like an empty capsule.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing companies, Grenade has expanded its customer-base to over 80 countries. Like many successful businesses, they have simply outgrown their digital store. The site needed more bang for the buck.

This is where Bing Digital came in…

The challenge

As an existing client, Grenade came to us for development and support. Their store hadn’t kept up with their rapid growth and could no longer display their products in a positive light. Essentially, it was too basic compared to other suppliers, so most customers were going elsewhere to get the product.

In line with Grenade’s estimates on growth and scope of where the company was going, we identified the need to move this store over to the Magento 2 platform. Much like all our projects, it had to be data driven.

We researched the marketplace. How are other comparable brands guiding their customers to the right solution for their wellbeing, gym fitness or supplement usage?

Next was a review of the site’s historic data. Using Google analytics along with our own tools, our team assessed how visitors use the site, which pages they spend time on and essentially where it was going wrong. We formulated a clear idea to deliver a brand experience store, as opposed to a general shopping site.

Our Role

  • Website UX & UI Review Report
  • UX & UI Design
  • SEO & Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Magento 2 Website Design and Development

Creating a brand experience

The key with Grenade was to display products in a way that allows customers to experience them. High definition visuals and featured blocks help visitors understand what the flavour and different sizes actually mean. Visitors can discover the specific product benefits for different uses – such as more energy or muscle repair for gym supplements and how exactly that works.

We created a user experience (UX) and design that was product led. Pages are deep in content, so visitors can really get a feel for how the brand and product can change the way they work out. Not only that, we’ve made it a lot easier to find the right solution for each person’s specific problem with a refreshingly simple menu system.

Personalised for individuals

As well as guiding first-time customers to the right solution, we identified the need to cater for repeat customers. With this in mind, there is a different user journey for customers that have shopped before. Customers who know exactly what they want can now go straight to the shop and order multiples of the product that they require.

These visitors are rewarded by a clearer loyalty system on the new site. Repeat customers are given high-level incentives to shop further. This is highlighted and reinforced throughout the customer journey, not least during checkout, generating effortless up-sales for Grenade.

Entering new markets

Grenade’s impressive growth has seen them enter multiple markets, outside the UK. To succeed in these markets, their new site needs to offer different content based on the location of the customer. Most importantly, this needs to be handled seamlessly so non-UK visitors don’t get a substandard experience.

On their new site, IP detection picks up where the customer is shopping or browsing from and automatically makes the site relevant to their location. It provides a tailored experience in their local language and currency. Better yet, it only shows products that can be sold and shipped to their location.

Consistent brand journey

Our research revealed that people are increasingly using the site on mobile. More specifically, they’re doing so through social media sites like Instagram, linking up with products from marketing activity elsewhere.

With that in mind, the whole site was developed mobile-first. It was important to both our team and Grenade that customers didn’t lose any of the brand journey on any device.

Going live

An historic problem with Grenade’s old site was the schema and SEO setup. They were struggling to rank on search engines for a variety of reasons. That was all corrected through the design and development of the new site on the Magento 2 platform.

Most importantly, it was fully optimised ready for delivery when we went live. So, there was no dip in traffic and no disruption for the business. In fact, because of how well the new site was received by Google, there were some impressive gains from the offset.

Improvement across the board

An improved ecommerce store doesn’t just make things easier for customers. Grenade’s new site integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, streamlining the back-end fulfillment system.

It also goes out to their third-party shipping providers and links up with warehousing and dispatch systems. Translation? A more streamlined approach to running the business. The sales team have complete peace of mind as all orders can be entered in a single place without problems

Mobile Wireframes

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