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Transforming the perception of CBD products through creative design & innovative Magento PWA development

OTO is a unique health and well-being brand that designs and manufactures high-end, high-quality CBD-based products. From skincare to canned drinks, they aim to offer the most effective and luxurious experience, thanks to rigorous research, design and testing processes. That’s complemented by cruelty-free, vegan ingredients that are sourced sustainably and derived naturally.

Icewear operates from Iceland and felt the need to look overseas for high-standard e-commerce professionals found in Bing Digital. Icewear strives to offer an omnichannel approach for tourists visiting any of the 22 physical stores as well as for the local population and a growing online customer base in the US, UK and western Europe. Bing’s extensive knowledge, and work processes, yet flexible and personal approach allow Icewear to do just that. Simply put, Bing’s got our back.

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