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Icewear is a leading Icelandic manufacturer and retailer of wool products, souvenirs, and outdoor gear.

Icewear had an existing online store was driven by Magento 1.9 which had been heavily customised to suit their needs. We needed to build a strategy to deliver an updated store, with new features and a streamlined customer journey for the different markets, currencies and languages Icewear sell in across the world.  Starting with a deep data audit to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their site informed our UX team on what needed to be delivered on the new site. Icewear produces visual products and we needed to introduce storytelling wherever possible as the detail in the product’s construction and suitability to the customer were paramount to display.

Icewear operates from Iceland and felt the need to look overseas for high-standard e-commerce professionals found in Bing Digital. Icewear strives to offer an omnichannel approach for tourists visiting any of the 22 physical stores as well as for the local population and a growing online customer base in the US, UK and western Europe. Bing’s extensive knowledge, and work processes, yet flexible and personal approach allow Icewear to do just that. Simply put, Bing’s got our back.

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