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Laravel is a feature-rich PHP framework, trusted by ecommerce stores worldwide. Let us take advantage of Laravel’s powerful features to build web applications for your store that are intuitive to use and effortless to maintain.

Laravel Test Deliver

Laravel Test Deliver

We’re a multi-disciplined team, experts in the platforms you use every day. Supporting, growing and enhancing them to suit your brand’s goals.

Having an attractive, intuitive web framework for your ecommerce store is crucial to driving sales. With its versatile and compatible framework, you can use Laravel’s incredible design features to tweak your ecommerce store’s appearance and add extra functionality to stand out from the competition. 


Bing Digital’s team has years of experience in Laravel development, which means we can help you get the web application you want with minimal effort. Whether you need to make small changes or completely overhaul your existing application, Laravel’s customization capabilities make it easy to create a web application that is uniquely yours. With a personalized and functional web application, you can better connect with your customers and drive more sales for your ecommerce brand.

As an ecommerce manager, you know that time is money. That’s why Laravel’s efficiency is such a valuable asset. With Bing Digital and Laravel, you can save money by taking advantage of the many functions and features built into its framework. It’s like having a team of developers working behind the scenes, handling all of the legwork for you. This means you can focus on other aspects of your business, rather than getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty of web development.


In addition to being efficient, Laravel is also highly scalable and secure. This is like having a website that can handle a rush of customers without breaking a sweat. With Laravel, you can trust that your website will perform well and be protected against threats, even when traffic is at its highest. This can help to increase customer confidence and drive sales, just like a well-oiled machine.

Imagine a bustling store on Black Friday – if the registers can’t keep up with the demand, customers will become frustrated and may leave without making a purchase. The same is true for your website – if it can’t handle the traffic and transactions, your customers will have a poor experience and may go elsewhere.


Laravel is designed to be highly scalable, like a superstore that can handle the busiest shopping days of the year. With Laravel development from Bing Digital, you can trust that your website will be able to handle whatever comes its way, providing a seamless experience for your customers and helping to drive sales and revenue for your brand. Don’t let your website be the bottleneck for your business – upgrade to Laravel development and watch your ecommerce potential soar.

Support & Growth

Support & Growth

Don’t miss out on Laravel’s incredible features. With brilliant customization, cost-effectiveness and scalability, Laravel is the perfect choice for building a top-quality web application that achieves maximum outreach and access to more customers.

Whether you need to enhance the functionality of an existing application or migrate to the Laravel framework, Bing Digital’s experts can help. Grow and enhance your ecommerce store starting today, by letting Bing Digital create a versatile Laravel web app for your brand.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our partners have to say about their experience in working with us.

Bing Digital have provided unparalleled growth for our brand and consistent to our growth and ongoing online success for almost 8 years, they have proven to be one of the most reliable and effective partners

Ross Goodwin - My Tool Shed Director

We’re very happy with the work completed, our conversions have had a sudden uplift since the new the new front end design has been launched, with a marketing & development growth plan in place we’re excited to see what the future will bring

Laura - Hackett Brand Ecommerce Manager

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