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Take your e-commerce to the next level. Whether you’re looking to launch an entirely new e-commerce site or you want to expand the capabilities of your website by switching platforms, Bing Digital has experienced professionals to help you customise your e-commerce solutions and express your brand. Bing Digital is a certified Shopify agency, and our specialists can help you build up your website from the bottom up. To get started or to revamp your e-commerce project, get in touch with a Shopify expert today!

Impeccable Shopify Expert Solutions

At Bing Digital, we pride ourselves on our e-commerce and web design and development expertise. With specialists in both open source and bespoke platforms, when we say we know e-commerce, we have the experience and project successes to back it up. Since our launch in 1999, we have helped numerous local, regional, and multinational businesses grow their e-commerce solutions.

Shopify is a bespoke platform, which means it is fluid enough to be adapted and designed to reflect the brand of any business. But that also means that designing and developing a website using their platform site is like trying to build a sculpture out of water—all the elements are there and fluid enough to fit your business needs, but it requires the knowledge and experience of certified professionals to craft a beautiful e-commerce site.

As a certified Shopify agency, we can help you to implement platforms for businesses of any size or type. From designers to developers and marketers, we have a team of Shopify experts who know what it takes to grow a business and make a successful e-commerce website.

Hosted Solution

A hosted solution means that as a long-term investment, you can get huge returns on your investment and save tons of money. Contracts are set at a fixed monthly cost and come with hosting, an SSL certificate, Level 1 PCI compliance, and more. With the company’s e-commerce solutions, you can choose to configure an existing domain name or choose a new one, and there are no software upgrades—updates to software are included. The hosted solution also includes unlimited bandwidth, so no matter how much your customer base and website traffic increases, there will never be a bandwidth bill.

Business Set-Up

As a Shopify agency, we are equipped to help you build your e-commerce store from the foundation up with analysis, creation, and support. During the analysis phase, our team of Shopify experts works with you to determine the features your website should provide, the specifics of your industry, and custom-design elements to answer to your customer needs. Once the analysis is complete, and once we have poured over every detail to optimise your website’s e-commerce solutions, our Shopify experts go in with the tools and code needed to make your dream website come to life. Our support services include a comprehensive training program and ongoing support services that are available 24/7.

Bespoke Platform

A bespoke platform means that the e-commerce solutions available at your fingertips can grow with your business. Unlike open source platforms, which offer generic solutions, restricted parameters and limited design capabilities, bespoke platforms can adapt to your business needs, allowing for improved scalability and minimising long-term costs. Bespoke platforms are flexible and can be adapted to reflect your brand.

Versatile Front-End Design

Our Shopify agency will work with you to ensure that the front-end design perfectly reflects your brand. With hundreds of professional themes and customisable templates, every aspect of your website can express your brand. If you prefer a fully custom-designed website over a template, we can do that too. The Liquid templating language means you have complete control over every detail of your website appearance. There is no HTML or CSS that is off-limits.

Streamlined Backend Admin Control

Our professionals can give you the training and information necessary to empower you to take full control of the backend admin work. We’ll show you how to navigate the content management system, so you can set up product catalogs, post blogs, organise SKUs, and more.

Customisable Across Devices—Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop

We make sure your website is accessible to users on any type of device by tailoring your site and services for multiple devices, from mobile phones to tablets, to desktops. Our Shopify agency specialists always keep scalability in mind, so you never need to worry about the appearance and accessibility of your website’s user interface.

App Store

We perform extensive tests and vetting of the app before launching it and making it available on app play stores. The most important feature of an app is its user friend interface, but there’s no reason to wait until the app is already being used to find out what users would like to see improved. From prototyping to user interface tests, we take a hands-on approach to make sure your app is user-friendly and reliable. Our testing services let you know that when the app is launched, users will have no problem downloading it from an app store and using it to take care of their mobile e-commerce shopping.

Inventory Management

One of the major perks for businesses of any size is that the platform can be used for inventory management. Each Shopify expert on our team can show you how to track your inventory with real-time numbers. Say goodbye to hours spent checking inventory with a clipboard in hand, and say hello to inventory management with the convenience and accuracy of a digital platform.

Seamless Checkout Process

Get a seamless checkout process that is fully integrated within your website and app, so that your customers never have to be re-routed to get secure payment services. Online payment services can sometimes be tricky, but a bespoke platform streamlines it for greater payment security. There are over 70-payment gateways, including all major credit cards and PayPal, which makes it easy and convenient to process online payments from all over the world.

POS Functionality

For businesses that have physical stores of the brick-and-mortar variety, a Shopify expert can help you smoothly transition to or integrate e-commerce into your business transactions. There is various hardware, including POS utilities, thermal printers and card readers, that work in harmony with your e-commerce services.

Social Sharing Features

E-commerce solutions can also be designed to have social sharing features, so your customers can let their family and friends know how much they love your products. Help your customers get involved in the best marketing solution around for your brand through word-of-mouth and social sharing.

Push Notification Customer Engagement

Keep your customers engaged and stay up-to-date about their preferences with the push notification functionality. Push notifications are an in-built marketing and customer engagement feature that can increase sales, send targeted deals, and boost return customer traffic. Don’t wait around for your customers to remember how satisfied they were with your services—remind them and engage them with push notifications!

E-Mail Client Integration

Another plus for business marketing features, the platform also includes e-mail client integration. Keep your customers engaged and informed as members of your business’s brand community by utilising e-mail marketing campaigns, sending targeted e-mails, and maintaining mailing lists.

All about the Analytics

Increase traffic to your website by getting to know your customers through analytics. As a Shopify agency, we can help you smoothly integrate their analytics along with Google analytics. To figure out what your customers want and how your business can provide solutions to their needs, get to know your customers. It’s all about the analytics.

No Transaction Fees

Unlike most e-commerce platforms, there are no transaction fee charges included with this platform. Minimise your overhead costs and maximise your payment platform benefits with no-fee transactions.

Flexible Price Plans

There are currently three price plans to choose from: Basic, Shopify, and Advanced.

The Basic plan is excellent for new businesses with an extremely low monthly cost, unlimited file storage, unlimited number of products, fraud analysis, a free SSLL certificate and more.

The mid-grade package offers everything you need for a growing business, including the ability to offer gift cards, professional reports, and abandoned cart recovery functionality.

The advanced plan enables you to scale your e-commerce solutions to your business size, and includes features such as an advanced report builder and real-time carrier shipping.

Other plans include the Plus plan for large businesses and high volume merchants, and the Lite plan for entrepreneurs who want to use Facebook and Messenger for retail and customer service needs.

Consult with a Shopify expert to determine the best price and feature plan for your business.


If you’re thinking about switching from another platform to a Shopify agency, don’t worry, we won’t tell the other guys. Our specialists can help you smoothly transition, so you don’t have to worry about losing customers or lowering your brand quality. Best of all, we do all the migration work for you, so you don’t have to mess with manual entry.

Let’s Chat All things Shopify

To get started on your e-commerce project, contact us today. We have a team of certified Shopify experts ready to advise and help you get the ball rolling and get those dollar signs going up. With Shopify, there is no limit to what your business can do with e-commerce. Get in touch today and let’s chat!