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The Google Penguin Update

Google consistently releases new updates of their algorithm (the workings behind the search engine that generates results when you search), and even more so this past few months. One of the most recent updates that have created a big buzz is the Penguin Update, released on April the 24th. This update has many sides but simply it is a penalty that is applied automatically to pages and sites that are not following basic and standard SEO principles, as well as sites that are implementing spamming techniques.

Google has been increasing the intensity of their campaign against poor SEO practices, and prior to the Penguin update Google released an update, which caused big service providers such as BuildMyRanks to stop operating. Google infiltrated their blog network and penalised them by deeming them a spam network.

What can I do to avoid being penalised?

Google updates follow the same theme, meaning the updates are aimed towards sites that implement spamming techniques or practice Black Hat SEO. If you follow standard SEO techniques and strategies then you should not encounter any problems.

There are sites that claim to follow above board SEO marketing principles but have been penalised, and this is unfortunate. Because of this Google has provided a Penguin Feedback Form where in you can raise your concern if you think your site has been targeted by mistake, this gives a hint that Google has not yet really fully completed this update and will address this issue in the coming updates
Other tips;

1. Re-evaluate your site make sure to remove spamming techniques like keyword stuffing and other Black Hat techniques.

2. Based on results of tests conducted it would help not only to have diversity in link sources and diversity in linked pages, but diversity in anchor text as well. So make sure you get links from quality and different sites, drive them to your main page as well as your inner pages and make sure to alternate using keywords as anchor text to make your SEO campaign look more natural.

3. Wherever you can – use White Hat techniques, as no matter what changes Google makes, putting in quality content yourself in relevant areas and of relevant topics will always pay dividends over time.

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