As a business owner or someone responsible for the business budget,  marketing your firm online with a digital agency requires a distinct level of trust. You need to be sure that the agency you choose is working as hard as possible to give you a tangible return on your investment.

That’s why, at Bing Digital, we are a certified Google Partner. Google Partners are online marketing companies that are trusted and recognised by Google.

If you see a Google Partner badge on an agency website, it’s an acknowledgement that they excel and specialise with Google’s products – be it AdWords, Analytics or simply organic marketing on Google’s search engine. Make sure the company has a google Partner profile, without this they could just be showing the badge and not actually be certified at all.  You can view ours here or use Partner search to check on a company

Put simply; it’s a trust mark that their business is healthy, their customers are kept consistently happy and they continually adhere to Google’s best practices.

At Bing Digital we are proud to have professionals in our team that are certified in the use of AdWords and Analytics. In order to gain this certification our senior staff have completed fundamental and advanced exams to earn Google Partner status.

There is one fundamental exam and three advanced exams in the Google AdWords program. The advanced exams cover:

  • Search Advertising Advance exam
  • Display Advertising Advance exam
  • Reporting & Analysis Advance exam

We increasingly deal with clients who have no idea how to tackle the world of online marketing. As a Google AdWords Partner, we’re here for our clients to lean on, and can quickly adapt and understand their needs to work with them and create bespoke digital marketing solutions that allow our clients to focus on doing what they do best.

The Google landscape is such that as an agency we can’t simply rest on our laurels. We’re duty bound to stay up-to-date on the newest Google tools and products and are required to pass new certification exams every 12

Similarly, as Google Partners, Google encourages us to stay ahead of the game by providing us with access to exclusive product training.

The on-site resources we provide to our clients – such as our Website strategy tool kit – is further proof that we know our stuff and we’re rather good at what we do.

You can rest assured that we’re giving you the online marketing advice you can trust.

Bing Digital are one of the 5,000+ Google Partners worldwide.  Mastering Google’s products allows us to master your marketing campaigns and deliver outstanding service and support.

As intelligent online marketers we’re here to get you more bang for your buck. Google recognises our obsession with click-through rates, conversion rates and organic search engine rankings.

We offer the full spectrum of online marketing services; from planning and online media buying, right through to engaging design and compelling copywriting.

If you’re looking for a digital agency that’s been doing business for a long time and thrives on doing the right thing for its clients then give our friendly team a call today on 01634 823334, or drop us a line using our simple enquiry form.

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