eCommerce Website Design

User-centric ecommerce website design is critical for every web project. But your website is a two-way street, a place where your customers can browse, and where you can interact with them. Whether you’re selling books or barbecues, our eCommerce platform Emporium standardises the core elements of selling online. If your looking to start your eCommerce journey quickly and on limited budgets we offer a Magento Design and Magento development service that can get you online and selling in just 28 days!

Online Marketing Digital Agency

Intelligent on-line marketing is all about getting a bigger bang for your buck. That’s why we’re obsessed with boosting click-through rates, optimizing conversion rates and driving sales. To do that, you need to get everything right – from planning and online media buying, through to engaging design and compelling copywriting. We offer the full spectrum of online marketing services. Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Social Media Advertising and more.


We're an Agency that exceles in ecommerce solutions for our customers. From UX Design to development we have you covered on a multitiude of different frameworks.

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eCommerce that sells everywhere, everytime.

eCommerce is our speciality. We create effective ways to help clients win the race and digitally connect with their customers in a rapidly changing digital word.

Trusted by companies big & small everyday

We have supported the growth of many local, regional and multinational companies, providing award-winning, easy-to-use web designs underpinned by rock-solid development and showcased by results-focused marketing. We’re a Digital Agency with a difference!

Our user-centric approach has been refined since 1999 and we continue to broaden our range of core services to drive your online offering forward. Let Bing Digital help you to sell more; it’s as easy as that.


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What it is that we actually do

  • Magento eCommerce Development

    It takes a huge amount of experience to build the best web sites since sliced bread.

    They must be a product of research, knowledge and skill. And, crucially, they must be built from the ground up, piece by piece. Which is why, at Bing Digital, we have ensured our team of talented web designers are the best in the business. After all, when you need a winning website, only the best web designers are good enough. Bing Digital is just a team of next-level web design specialists. We’re the bee’s knees at development too. That’s a powerful combination.

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  • User Experience Design

    It takes a huge amount of experience to build the best web sites since sliced bread.

    Bing Digital e-commerce websites are designed to impress. Each and every site is created with endless originality, mountains of experience and a good dollop of passion. Most importantly, they’ll turn your competitors green with envy. Bonus! At Bing Digital, the basic e-commerce design principles of balance, rhythm, proportion and dominance reign supreme. We fuse these with the design elements of point, line, shape, colour and typography to create website that are wonderfully easy on the eye.

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  • User Experience Design

    We make sure your business has a fully bespoke e-commerce site that falls perfectly in line with your brand identity.
  • Magento eCommerce Development

    Clean, sleek and oh so usable, our websites are designed to impress. The Bing Digital team will get to know your business and - most importantly - what makes your customers tick.

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