Yes, social media may be the coolest kid on the block when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends. However, as far as we’re concerned, fresh isn’t necessarily best. If it’s ROI that you’re looking for, e-mail marketing is still one seriously effective technique. Want proof? According to the latest stats from Experian, every $1 spent returns a colossal $44.25. Wow!

Of course, generating this kind of lucrative ROI isn’t quite as simple as inundating your contact list with e-mail after e-mail. All campaigns should be underpinned by strategic techniques that are designed to increase conversions. And surprise, surprise – it all starts with open rates.

So how can you get your recipients to read what you’ve got to say? Read on for our list of insider tips on how to boost your e-mail marketing open rates in six easy steps.

1. Hook readers with engaging subject lines

Did you know that according to convinceandconvert.com, 33% of e-mail recipients open an e-mail based on subject line alone. This means that engaging text is the name of the game.

2. Ask subscribers to ‘whitelist’ your e-mails

As well as convincing people to open your e-mails, you should also focus on ensuring that those who actively want to read your content have the opportunity to do so. Do this by actively encouraging your subscriber list to whitelist your e-mails.

3. Get personal

Humans are inherently programmes to respond to their names. If your e-mails are up close and personal, you’ll seriously boost your open rates. In fact, Adestra July 2012 Report states that personalised subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened than their impersonalised counterparts.

4. Be mobile friendly

Depending on your target audience, product and e-mail type, 15-70% of recipients will open e-mails on mobile devices, reports eMailmonday. For this reason it’s critical to give all e-mails a mobile friendly edge. This will ensure that your contacts can read, process and action your e-mails, at their fingertips.

5. Side step spam filters

Yes, it can be tempting to woo recipients with subject lines that include words such as ‘sale’ or ‘free.’ However, this can ultimately be a one way ticket to the spam folder. E-mail filters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so overly ‘salesly’ e-mails are often sent straight to the chopping block which immediately kills open rates.

6. Timing is everything

At the end of the day, even the hardest hitting e-mails may be left unread if they’re received at the wrong time. When it comes to e-mail marketing timing is everything which means you should be using analytics, market research and in-house tests to determine what times generate the best open rates. As a rule of thumb, a recent study from Experian revealed that Saturday and Sunday have the highest open rates while Tuesdays and Thursdays are a little lacklustre.

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