Email Marketing. Just the Ticket.

Email marketing is a no brainer. The statistics speak for themselves: in 2013, the ROI for email marketing hit a staggering 2500%. Automated email marketing is a low-cost, high-return investment tool with plenty of kick to boot. The recipe for success is simple: a sprinkle of slick design, dollop of strategic thinking, plus a dash of clever features and you’re on to a winner. If you’re not yet reaping the rewards, now’s the time to make a change and embrace email marketing.

Strategic campaigns bring instant bang for your buck

In the right hands, email marketing is powerful. Very powerful. But a little strategy goes a long way, which is where we come in. Bing Digital’s fast-acting campaigns are tailor-made to the needs of you and your audience. Whether you want to welcome new customers, send abandoned shopping cart follow-ups, post replenishment reminders or re-engage with older subscribers, our event-triggered email sequences are guaranteed to hit the mark. Team that with a highly targeted, personal approach and you’ll enjoy maximum ROI every time.

Expert analysis means you benefit from constant innovation

Email marketing isn’t a flash-in-the-pan exercise. It’s an ongoing process and analysis is the icing on the cake. From A/B testing to conversion tracking, Big Digital determine what works and what doesn’t. We even use behavioural analysis to ensure every email makes an impact. Statistics are not just a bundle of numbers - they provide real food for thought and grounds for action! Along the way, you’ll receive useful suggestions, designed to optimise your results. The email marketing whizzes at Bing Digital are always on hand, so your business can reap the rewards without exception.

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