The mobile internet sphere couldn’t contain its excitement this week when Google announced its brand spanking new mobile friendly ranking system. Set to be rolled out on April 21st 2015, the update means some big changes for businesses with an online presence. So what’s on the horizon? And how will it affect you? We’ve got the scoop to help you prepare.

Google goes gaga for mobile sites

According to the latest research from the Global Web Index, 80% of internet users own a smartphone and use it to regularly browse the web. This means that any business without a mobile responsive site is seriously letting down the team. In an age where smartphones and mobile devices pretty much define cotemporary communication, Google expects sites to be mobile compatible. The new mobile friendly ranking system reflects the internet giant’s commitment to quality content and makes it pretty clear that sites in search of higher rankings NEED to be mobile optimised.


A generous deadline

While April 21st is the official launch date for the mobile update, Google hasn’t put a deadline on complying. You can update your site now, on April 21st or at any point later in the year. According to Google, the new mobile friendly ranking system will operate in real time. This means that as soon as you update your site, the ranking rewards will kick in. But do keep in mind that leaving it until the very last minute could give your competition a serious head start!

Mobile compatibility up there with key words, new content and social signals

Mobile internet usage is on the rise and it doesn’t look set to slow down anytime soon. In the same way that keywords, new content and social signals boost a website’s ranking, mobile optimisation will also have serious influence. Put simply, Google will be dishing out rewards to sites that share their appreciation for mobile compatibility.

Say hello to App Indexing

Got a mobile app? Great! From April 21st Google will be taking into account mobile app content as part of its new mobile friendly ranking system. Dubbed “App Indexing,” it essentially catalogues apps for content which can get search engine rankings soaring. If you’re a business owner who’s been thinking about developing an app, now is definitely the time to get the ball rolling!

Act now, reap the rewards on April 21st

The last word? Start mobile optimising your website NOW! With incentives that simply can’t be ignored, Google’s new mobile friendly ranking system is a must grasp opportunity for businesses to skyrocket up the search rankings.

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