20th October 2019 / Jon Billingsley

8 Big Ecommerce Trends We’re Predicting for 2020

In order to manage, maintain and grow a successful ecommerce business, keeping on top of trends can’t simply be a hobby. With thousands of competitors out there and an almost limitless potential audience, tapping into popular trends can be a fast-track to success. But with the ever-changing world of the internet and the varying needs of your customers, it can be difficult to stay ahead. Luckily, we’re here to help. Keep reading to discover the top 8 big ecommerce
26th October 2018 / Jon Billingsley

Is Facebook Suffering a Midlife Crisis?

Since its launch in 2006, Facebook has grown into the world’s largest social media platform. The site is used across the globe by individuals and businesses alike, with over 2.2 billion monthly active users in 2018. However, a recent news report has thrown the relevance of Facebook into question. When asked to describe the different social media platforms, users labelled Facebook as ‘ego-centric’, the ‘uncool uncle’ and some even suggested the social platform
17th February 2018 / Jon Billingsley

Is Facebook For the Older Generation Only?

The digital media landscape is constantly changing – especially social media. This fast paced and innovative sphere is renewing and refreshing every day – and so are its users. Recent reports from eMarketer suggest that Facebook is becoming a website for the 55+, whilst teenagers are opting for other sites like Snapchat. So, what does this mean for social media? And, why should you take notice? Changing social media dynamics  With
5th June 2016 / Jon Billingsley

How Snapchat Can Help Your Small Business Increase Sales

It’s no secret that teenagers and millennials love Snapchat, but recent research has revealed that it’s exploding in popularity with over 30’s. With 10 million UK users logging in every day and a rapidly evolving demographic, is it time your business tapped into the digital marketing and sales boosting potential of Snapchat? In this blog post we’ve put together a few tips for using Snapchat to help your small business increase sales and boost brand loyalty. Snapchat:
21st May 2014 / Jon Billingsley

How to measure the success of a social media campaign

There's no doubting that social media now plays an important part in the digital marketing campaigns of businesses across the world – from start-ups to global conglomerates. The chance to reach out to your target demographic, personalise your brand and encourage customer loyalty; it all sounds great, but how do you find out which social channels work best for you? Is it really proving beneficial to your business? To deliver a successful social media campaign