It’s no secret that teenagers and millennials love Snapchat, but recent research has revealed that it’s exploding in popularity with over 30’s. With 10 million UK users logging in every day and a rapidly evolving demographic, is it time your business tapped into the digital marketing and sales boosting potential of Snapchat?

In this blog post we’ve put together a few tips for using Snapchat to help your small business increase sales and boost brand loyalty.

Snapchat: what you need to know

  • Snapchat users worldwide watch more than 10 billion videos every day.
  • An estimated 200 million people use Snapchat each month and 100 million access it daily.
  • In the last year alone, the 25-34 user group has grown by a staggering 4.5 million, from 11.3 to 15.8 million users.
  • The number of users in the 34-55 age bracket is expected to reach 7.9 billion by 2020.

Exclusive offers and rewards: Snapchat is a great platform for sharing exclusive offers and rewards that followers wouldn’t have access to anywhere else. Regularly featuring exclusive offers, rewards and incentives in this way will drive traffic towards your e-commerce site, encourage users to check your account regularly, and encourage interaction.

Tips and tricks: Videos on Snapchat are limited to 10 seconds in length but they can be linked together to form stories. If you sell a range of products, filming simple tips videos is an excellent way of showcasing your brand and promoting your merchandise. You’ll also be speaking directly to your audience and helping to build and strengthen brand loyalty.

Behind the scenes: What does your typical day look like? Are you working on a secret project? Is the staff party coming up? People love behind the scenes videos because they give a glimpse into how a company they love operates day to day. Whether you create teaser videos of your office environment to attract new recruits, or you film yourself packing and posting your latest order, people will love to come on the journey with you.


Connect, inspire and engage: Snapchat is 100% mobile friendly and it’s perfect for real-time social media marketing at events. After all, everyone likes to feel like a VIP, and with Snapchat you can give your followers exclusive behind the scenes access to everything from industry events to product research trips abroad.  As an added bonus, it’s also an excellent tool for driving people towards your other social media accounts.

Be honest: Snapchat is about real-time, open, honest communication, and it’s meant to be fun! So don’t get caught up too much in perfecting your content. Just don’t forget that the content you put out should align with your brand. The best way to do this is by being honest and trying to use the platform to communicate your brand’s personality, values and goals in an entertaining, yet informative way.

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