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User-centric ecommerce web design is critical for every web project. But your ecommerce website is a two-way street, a place where your customers can browse, and where you can interact with them. Whether you’re selling books or barbecues, our eCommerce platform Emporium standardises the core elements of selling online. If you are looking to start your eCommerce website quickly and on limited budgets, we offer a Magento development and Magento web design in Kent that can get you online and selling in just 28 days!

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We're an Agency that excels in ecommerce solutions for our customers. From UX Design to development we have you covered in a multitude of different frameworks.

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eCommerce is always evolving. Our company evolves, too. When you select our digital marketing agency, you'll find that we offered ultra-modern eCommerce solutions which are streamlined, cost-effective and designed to please the people who matter most...your customers!

Get More Out of eCommerce

Did you know that there are multiple retails channels online? This means that you don't need to sell from only one retail channel. Our eCommerce websites offer you the ability to sell your goods and services via an array of retail channels.

When you embrace this type of multi-channel eCommerce setup, you'll be able to run a variety of storefronts with unique domain names, via just one database. We recommend multi-channel eCommerce because it works. We know from experience how clients learn about companies, how they compare companies and how they decide which firms to buy from.

Our approach is designed to gel with the psychology of the online shopper!

You may sell from your online storefront, as well as from online retailers, including eBay and Amazon. This is such a great way to reach more people and boost your profits. However, without the right setup in place, selling across multiple retail channels may eat up tons of time and effort.

Access an Uncluttered eCommerce System

We provide you with a setup which is easy to use. It will make it simple to take care of things from just one system. Our uncluttered eCommerce solutions are designed to make life easier for busy and ambitious online entrepreneurs.

The interfaces that we create for our valued clients are very intuitive and easy to operate, and they feature all of the right back-end features. As well, they are so cost-effective, which means that you'll be able to funnel more profits into growing your business and chasing down leads.

We provide options, so we'll be able to match you with an eCommerce solution which suits your requirements and fits your budget.

Enjoy the Power of Automation

The smartest online merchants know that automation helps them to make their dreams a reality. We also believe in automation, and this is why we help our customers by offering them access to top-notch automated stock management systems which allow them to list their products at a host of online locations.

As well, we know which accounting programs provide the most benefits and allow for the highest levels of integration.

When you choose our customised eCommerce solutions, you'll be able to create performance reports on a regular basis and ensure that shipping is efficient and easy to track.

Getting the practical aspects of an online business handled is so important. Once these "moving parts" are in place, a business is good to go. Without the right eCommerce elements, a business may falter.

If you don't have the technical finesse and experience to design and implement an efficient eCommerce system (on your own or with your team) or just don't have the time to do things independently, outsourcing the task to us will be a wise decision. We bring years of experience to the table, and we treat each and every customer with the utmost respect.

No job is too big or small, so we encourage you to connect with our team today. We'll give you a voice in the process and make certain that we understand exactly what your online business is all about. As well, we'll ensure that you understand everything about our services.

We Offer Honest and Dependable Service

We do business with integrity. This means no hidden charges and no headaches. We'll give you the eCommerce solutions that you need without any downside, and you'll find that our prices are very competitive. We've built a strong and positive online reputation by giving our clients excellent ROI (return on investment). We'll do the same for you.

Since we are a full-service eCommerce solutions company, we also offer other vital services, such as search engine optimisation, pay-per-click campaign design/implementation and fresh and appealing Web design which is super-functional. For example, if you want Web design which displays perfectly across all types of mobile and non-mobile hardware, we will deliver. We provide all of the Web marketing and eCommerce services that entrepreneurs need, whether they are starting from scratch or running small, medium-sized or large companies.

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Hopefully, this guide has given you a clearer understanding of what we do and how our services will benefit your online business. eCommerce is such a competitive business milieu, and our services are designed to give our clients an edge over the competition. By giving you access to an eCommerce system which makes it simple for you to take care of your customers, no matter which retail channel they've ordered your products from, we'll be empowering you to get great feedback which drives more business and enhances the reputation of your company.

Investing in e-commerce solutions is a common sense decision. It's a rock-solid foundation for online business success.

With this in mind, we encourage you to reach out to our team today. We do have the experience, education and training that you are looking for. We'll take the pressure off of your shoulders, by creating a personalised eCommerce solution which is a perfect fit for what you're selling and what you want from your online business.

Our eCommerce Clients:

Indian Sandstone

eCommerce that sells everywhere, everytime.

eCommerce is our speciality. We create effective ways to help clients win the race and digitally connect with their customers in a rapidly changing digital word.

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We have supported the growth of many local, regional and multinational companies, providing award-winning, easy-to-use web designs underpinned by rock-solid development and showcased by results-focused marketing. We’re a Digital Agency with a difference! Our user-centric approach has been refined since 1999 and we continue to broaden our range of core services to drive your online offering forward. Let Bing Digital help you to sell more; it’s as easy as that. ecommerce web design agency

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  • eCommerce Development

    It takes a huge amount of experience to build the best web sites since sliced bread.

    They must be a product of research, knowledge and skill. And, crucially, they must be built from the ground up, piece by piece. Which is why, at Bing Digital, we have ensured our team of talented web designers are the best in the business. After all, when you need a winning website, only the best web designers are good enough. Bing Digital is just a team of next-level web design specialists. We’re the bee’s knees at development too. That’s a powerful combination.

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  • User Experience Design

    It takes a huge amount of experience to build the best web sites since sliced bread.

    Bing Digital e-commerce websites are designed to impress. Each and every site is created with endless originality, mountains of experience and a good dollop of passion. Most importantly, they’ll turn your competitors green with envy. Bonus! At Bing Digital, the basic e-commerce design principles of balance, rhythm, proportion and dominance reign supreme. We fuse these with the design elements of point, line, shape, colour and typography to create website that are wonderfully easy on the eye.

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  • User Experience Design

    We make sure your business has a fully bespoke e-commerce site that falls perfectly in line with your brand identity.
  • eCommerce Development

    Clean, sleek and oh so usable, our websites are designed to impress. The Bing Digital team will get to know your business and - most importantly - what makes your customers tick.
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