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Creating & Managing Multiple Shopify Stores From One Account

For some people, having a single Shopify store is a good idea. However, for people who wish to diversify their brand, sell internationally, or sell multiple kinds of products, having various Shopify stores seems like the better option. Most sellers are unsure whether they can have multiple stores and how to make multiple Shopify stores.

Here, we will discuss how you can set up and manage multiple stores on Shopify and whether such stores include a discount.

Can You Have Multiple Shopify Stores In One Email?

Yes, you can have multiple Shopify stores in one email. However, you cannot have multiple Shopify stores on one account. If you want to set up multiple Shopify stores, you need to set up multiple accounts. You can set up these accounts under the same email.

Through a Shopify Partner Account, you can set up multiple stores, but each store will have a separate admin login. For example, while operating two different Shopify stores, you can set up one store under your domain name and the other under a subdomain.

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How to Manage Multiple Shopify Stores – Tips from Multiple Shopify Store Manager

If you own multiple stores on Shopify, you need to make sure each store functions appropriately and meets the purpose you created it for. You can make running multiple Shopify stores easy by following these tips:

Download nChannel


This software allows you to view and manage the data from all of your Shopify stores in one place. nChannel allows you to automate your Shopify store management process and integrate all of your data. Not only does this speed up the process of running multiple Shopify stores, but it also ensures that the management is error-free.

Have a Real-Time Inventory Management System in Place

Inventory Management System

Having an adequate supply of products in stock is essential to running multiple Shopify stores and making sure your customers stay satisfied.

However, not having enough inventories or having too much stock is a recipe for disaster. You can avoid this by implementing a real-time inventory management system. This way, you can make sure that your inventory levels are favorable at all times. Such a system will allow you to keep track of the inventory in all of your stores at once.

Implement a Product Information Management System

When managing multiple Shopify stores, the distribution of information can become a problem. You may get confused about the data of one product as compared to another.

That is where a product information management system helps. This system keeps track of all of your data and distributes it across all of your stores, eliminating confusion and errors. The system even updates this information in real-time.

Use a Central Order Management System


Another challenge you can face when running Shopify multiple stores is handling all of the orders at once. A central order management system helps you to keep track of all orders, deliveries, and returns. You can use an app such as ShipHero for this.

Keep a Customer Support System

Customer Support System

An important aspect of managing Shopify multiple stores is ensuring that you provide all of your customers with good customer service. A customer support system involves a single inbox for all of your customer concerns. This way, you can attend to all of your customers without growing confused.

Is There A Discount For Multiple Shopify Stores?

Shopify does offer a discount to people who manage multiple Shopify stores. However, you need to have identical stores but in different languages, for you to qualify for a multiple store discount. You will need to have both stores on the same plan, but you will only need to pay the cost of a lower plan.

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Can you have multiple Shopify stores on one email?

Yes, but you need to have different accounts.

How many Shopify stores can you have with one account?

You can have one store with one account.

Do you need a new email for every Shopify store?

No, you can use the same email for every store.

Final Words

You can set up multiple Shopify stores if you need to diversify your brand. However, you need to have separate accounts for each store.

You can manage all of these stores in one place through information management systems and inventory management systems. People who manage multiple stores may even qualify for a discount.

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