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Twitter Trials Ecommerce ‘Shop Module’

If you’re looking for a space to engage your customers in conversation and build the profile of your ecommerce brand, then social media is the place to be. No platform brings you closer to consumers than Twitter. But what if Twitter could be used much more directly for ecommerce? In fact, right now Twitter ecommerce is being taken to the next level through the trial of a new Shop Module.

In this article, we’ll take you through the proposed new module, how similar ecommerce features have been implemented on other platforms, and – most importantly – how to make it work for your ecommerce business.

How is Twitter currently used for ecommerce?

Twitter is a space for talking. A platform for conversations conducted in 280 characters or fewer. This has made the platform less about the hard sell, and more about the slow burn of building trust, loyalty and engagement with consumers. Twitter has brought brands closer to customers than ever before, letting them show their personality and build an online presence.

And that connection pays off, as Twitter users are 2.6 times more likely to buy online each month, and increase their purchase intent by 2.7x after seeing Tweets from a brand.

The website is also a great customer service tool that facilitates communication, so brands can easily resolve customer issues. Showcasing how quickly and professionally your business manages these problems resonates with customers, who are often looking for brands they can trust.

You can take Twitter campaigns further by interacting with influencers and using Twitter’s sponsored advertisements to reach your relevant audiences and encourage new sales. Twitter is also a fantastic platform for research, as brands can observe competitors and the interests of consumers.

Ultimately, Twitter is an app for sparking and sustaining interest in your business, as well as creating new sales. It’s not traditionally been a website with much of a direct ecommerce focus. Now, that all looks set to change.

What other platforms have integrated ecommerce features?

Instagram and Facebook both integrate ecommerce extensively into their platforms. When consumers view a business’ profile on Instagram, for example, they are surrounded by beautiful images of the company’s products. If they see an item they like, they can simply tap the picture to see the product tags, which can then lead them to the ‘checkout’ without ever leaving the Instagram app.

Instagram also incorporates video shopping, as users can view and purchase the products showcased in IGTV videos and Reels. These features streamline the purchasing process for consumers, which is particularly viable because 80% use Instagram to determine their buying choices.

How will Twitter’s Shop Module work?

On July 28th, Twitter launched its trial of the Shop Module. The trial is limited to a few select businesses and only accessible to US users in English on iOS devices. This is only a pilot stage of the module intended to gauge its success and learn more about how well it works. However, it has the potential to be rolled out to businesses worldwide. At the current time, only those businesses with professional profiles will be able to use the module.

So how does the Shop Module work for Twitter ecommerce? The module allows brands to showcase their products at the top of their Twitter profile. This will appear as a carousel of product images, which users can scroll through. Once the customer finds the product they like, they can tap on the image to be brought to the product on the brand’s website without leaving the Twitter app. They can then learn more about the item and make a purchase.

How will the Shop Module change Twitter ecommerce?

As previously mentioned, Twitter ecommerce has largely been focused on developing the relationship between brand and consumer. But what if that could be taken further? When your brand has a great interaction with a customer on Twitter, that might previously have been the end of the story. The customer would have nowhere to instantly see the wonderful products you have on offer, and the interaction would most likely come to an abrupt end.

The Shop Module would mean these positive interactions could directly lead to sales, as users can immediately see your products on your business profile. With this, Twitter can become a direct ecommerce tool, as well as strengthening bonds with your customers.

How can your business make the most of Twitter ecommerce?

If the trial goes successfully and Twitter’s new Shop Module is rolled out to more businesses, you’ll need to make sure to implement the feature correctly. This means as part of a wider social media strategy. It’s not enough for brands to add their products to the carousel and be done with it.

Twitter will always be about conversations – about building a real connection with customers. Your Twitter business profile should be about more than just products. Engaging content, interactions with followers and good customer service are all key, along with promotions and sponsored content.

Twitter campaigns can either create strong brand loyalty and connection, not only promoting immediate sales, but encouraging customers to keep returning to your brand… or they can go nowhere.

Make the most of Twitter for ecommerce

Creating content that engages with both customers and algorithms can be notoriously difficult. For every successful campaign, many others go under the radar, simply because they don’t use the app to their best advantage. Knowledge and experience of what makes social media tick is vital. That’s why we’re here to help.

Labouring over social media accounts trying to find what works can be stressful and time-consuming. At Bing Digital, we have vast experience of creating engaging and inspiring content that builds strong customer relationships, creates buzz around your brand, and generates new sales. Want to make social media work for you? Along with great content and detailed ROI reporting, we will develop goal-orientated strategies tailored to propel your Twitter ecommerce business forward.

Ready to take your social media status to the next stage? Get in touch with our expert social media team today!

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