Picking the right font for your e-commerce website can be a tricky little task. Like it or not, the way text looks on a screen can play a huge role in determining whether a website visitor will stay on your site long enough to make a purchase. Here are a few tips and tricks you ought to keep in mind when it comes to selecting a font for your e-commerce store.

Make It Readable

Your font has to be readable. This is the internet we’re talking about here. Nobody is going to buy from your company if they can’t read your website content – they’ll simply click away and head on elsewhere, never to return. This situation needs to be avoided.

Give up on your ideal font if it isn’t clearly legible and go for one that can be read easily on screen. Remember, a good header font isn’t necessarily a good choice for body text, as certain font styles can become blurred and fuzzy when squashed down to a small size. Likewise, an intricate font style for body text may look distorted when blown up as title text.

Be Careful With Colour

Colour choice is another element you really need to be careful with. Matching text and background is obviously a no-go, but you also need to make sure the colours you choose aren’t clashing with each other too much. Red text on a bright yellow background might stand out, but it will also cause the viewer so much eye strain they’ll probably click away to another site where they aren’t forced to squint. Take your time when you’re building your e-commerce site and have a play around with font styles and backgrounds to see which ones work together.

Act Appropriately

Before you decide on a font for your e-commerce site, always keep the following two questions in mind:

  1. Who are you writing for?
  2. What are you selling?

Different fonts evoke different emotions, and choosing a style that clashes with the content can lead to catastrophic results. Think about it. A product description for a tailored Italian suit written in Comic Sans isn’t exactly appropriate, is it? If you want to look professional – pick a font that communicates your business values. The, as long as the font is legible, you’re good to go.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

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Remember Mobile

An increasing number of internet users make purchases and scan content on their mobiles, so you need to make sure that whatever font you select is suitable for these users. If you don’t cater for the mobile crowd, you’ll lose a substantial amount of business.

Getting this right may take some meticulous tinkering, but it’ll be more than worth it in the long run. Text needs to be a good size, spaced out evenly across the page, sandwiched between healthy margins, and split up by “cushion” content (images/icons in between paragraphs) to increase readability.

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