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Will a Second-Rate Logo Negatively Affect E-commerce Sales?

No matter what, a high quality logo is important for an e-commerce store. Firstly, they play a key role in shaping your brand. Secondly – and pivotally – they are plastered everywhere! From your website to your adverts, leaflets and potentially even your products, your logo will be on everything you do – or at least it should be.

Conversely, a poorly designed logo isn’t something you can hide. The issue is, will a second-rate logo affect your store? And – crucially – will it hurt your sales? Read on and we’ll explore the impact your company logo can have on your bottom line.

Shaping your brand

A logo is where your brand begins. Often, it includes your company colours, and possibly your brand name and slogan. Effectively, your logo will probably shape how your website will look, and vice versa.

Given that web design has such a huge impact on whether or not customers actually buy from websites, it’s clear that a poorly designed logo could potentially discourage shoppers from sticking around on your site and making purchases.

Customer trust

A big part of whether customers will buy from you, and continue to do so in the future, is trust. With a second-rate logo, your customers are going to get the impression that you’re a second-rate company. In a drive to prove that Pepsi should be trusted above Coca-Cola, they reportedly spent $1 million on a logo redesign in 2008 – that’s a long way to go for trust!

If consumers haven’t bought from you before, they have to form an impression of you. And the only way they can do that is by taking a close look at your logo and e-commerce store. If you sell premium products, your logo should be premium too!

Get a Logo that Sells

If you’re looking to change or update your logo, Bing Digital can help. We know that top-notch logos don’t just appear. Our in-depth research, our Logo Designers and Magento Developers will look into your business, your brand, your values, your unique selling points, and your target audience, helps us create original, bespoke logos tailored to suit your company’s needs.

For more information, get in touch online or call us on 01634 823 334.

Don’t be afraid to change

You shouldn’t be afraid to change your logo, even if you have a well-known brand. Coca-Cola, Apple and Microsoft are all huge, well-established brands that have updated or changed their logo. It’s almost essential, in fact, to stop your company from looking dated. Loyal customers aren’t going to stop buying because of a logo change, but potential customers will certainly be put off by a bad logo.

So what makes a good logo? A good logo is clear, memorable and consistent with your overall brand image. Ideally, it also needs to tell people something about the brand, even if it’s just a small characteristic or idea.

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Find out how we can help you

If you would like to discuss the possibilities, why don’t you give Bing Digital a call on 0800 802 1206 . Alternatively, complete a contact form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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