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At Bing Digital, we’re always on the lookout for the latest trends in ecommerce. Why? Technologies are constantly changing and we like to stay one step ahead of the competition to ensure our clients are on the cutting edge of digital commerce. So, what ecommerce trends can you expect in 2017? We’re predicting some exciting changes with these four developments. Enjoy!

1. Machine learning

Hang onto your hats – a revolution is coming. The technology is now available to make artificial intelligence (AI) a viable tool for ecommerce businesses. Machine learning is here, and we predict it will become more prevalent in 2017. Imagine if your website’s design could be analysed and adjusted using the principles of Darwinian natural selection to increase conversion rates. Believe it or not, this technology exists.

How about a fully automated chatbot that can act as the first point of contact to all website visitors and answer questions? If you’d like to have a chat with a chatbot, try out H&M’s on Kik. The app will build an outfit for you and change it based on your likes and dislikes.

2. Cyber November

It didn’t take long for the UK to adopt Black Friday from the US, but this yearly shopping tradition is already changing. One day obviously wasn’t enough, prompting the launch of Cyber Monday. This year, think even bigger. The whole of November is set to be a shopping holiday bonanza (dubbed by some as Cyber November), so get your thinking hat on early and start planning your marketing campaign. Why not create your own day?

3. Personalised Content

Using a platform such as Magento 2, you can offer a personalised experience for shoppers. While personalisation has been a buzz word amongst ecommerce trend setters for a few years now, the technology behind this movement has taken big leaps forward recently. Shoppers now have access to unique content, such as targeted product recommendations, based on their demographic group, preferences, market trends and so forth. This allows businesses to offer an effortless – and more relevant – shopping experience.

Not convinced? According to Swirl Networks’ 2015 study, 88% of consumers prefer to shop with retailers that deliver a more personalised experience. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, 2017 could be the perfect time.

4. Mobile First

Yes, mobile has been on every list of ecommerce trends since day dot. However, times are changing. Again. To date, search engines have been judging the mobile version of your website as secondary to the desktop version. However, with mobile web traffic overtaking desktop in 2016, this inclination no longer makes sense. Google are currently experimenting with a mobile-first ranking system, which is set to shake things up when it goes live. Make sure you’re ready for this one!

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