Have you heard of ‘herd mentality’? If you’ve ever been to a sporting event or even the theatre, you’ve probably succumbed to its power.

Joining with other individuals to create a crowd with a single focus is an exhilarating – and sometimes frightening – psychological force. Perhaps you’ve joined in with chants of displeasure. You could have even laughed involuntarily, simply in response to others laughing around you. Don’t worry. It’s completely normal. Countless studies have proved than people are influenced by their peers to adopt specific behaviours. Just look at stock market trends, interior design and fashion for example.

So, the question is, does your website utilise herd mentality?

In the marketing industry, the term ‘social proofing’ has been coined to describe the utilisation of the herd mentality phenomenon. People assume the same actions as others to behave correctly in a given scenario. And this goes for people visiting your website too. So how do you want people to behave on your website? And how will you help them behave accordingly?

Many of the most successful websites in the world utilise social proofing to great effect. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own website, take a look at these 4 excellent examples:

  1. MailChimp

MailChimp – a popular e-mail marketing tool – promises people that they can be themselves. That’s what makes all the difference, right? In the same breath, visitors are told that they can join more than 14 million people already using the software.

That’s a lot of unique people being themselves together!

This is an easy way to employ social proofing. If your business has a high number of users, you can easily show your business is the popular choice.

  1. YouTube

Has anybody not seen the Gangnam Style music video yet? Chances are, you probably just watched it because everybody else was, right?

Here you can see three forms of social proofing around the video. Almost 3 billion views, nearly 12 million ‘likes’ and the channel is just shy of 10 million subscribers. Impressive!

  1. eBay

In this example, eBay demonstrate exactly why they are such a successful ecommerce marketplace. If you have an online store, eBay is jam-packed with great ideas you can mirror.

Firstly, in bold red font you can see that this product is viewed 150 times per day and 66 have already been sold. 13 people have also added this item to their Watch List. So, once again, this is a popular product. If other people like it, you probably will too.

  1. Dropbox

Few things are more persuasive than a quality portfolio of wide-ranging clients – Yahoo!, National Geographic and Under Armour are just the ticket for file sharing company Dropbox. Each client appeals to a completely different demographic, ensuring Dropbox curry favour with as many potential new users as possible.

Add a cracking review into the mix – this one is by the SVP at Kayak – and it’s hard not to be impressed. You’re literally in good company with Dropbox.

Everybody is doing social proofing these days. Why not you?

See what we did there?

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