It is celebration time at Bing Digital HQ – along with our client and leading UK Apache cloud technology consultants, ShapeBlue – as we recently toasted victory at the Interactive Media Awards (IMA), securing the IMA Best in Class Award in the ‘Consulting’ category for our expert work in redesigning the ShapeBlue.com website.

The Best in Class award is the highest honour bestowed by the IMA, representing the very best in planning, execution and overall professionalism and recognising excellence in web design and development.

Bing Digital worked with ShapeBlue.com to build a functional specification for their website redesign so that was more feature-lead. We offered them a finished solution which transformed their existing static site into a fully-functioning consultancy and training course lead offering.

In order to win a ‘Best in Class’ IMA, the new ShapeBlue site had to successfully pass through a comprehensive judging process, achieving exceptionally high marks in each of its judging criteria – design, content, feature functionality, usability and standards compliance – that only a fraction of sites in the IMA competition win each year.Cloudstack-consultancy-ShapeBlue

The award recognises the significant expertise and support that Bing Digital provided from day one to provide ShapeBlue with a website that enables them to assist IT Service providers and enterprises in delivering true, utility based, computing to the customer or end user.

Jon Billingsley, founder, Bing Digital, said: “User-centric design is critical for every single web design project. We worked in close quarters with ShapeBlue.com to plan, innovate and execute a redesign that not only lets their brand shine through on every page but demonstrates their breadth of services and features in a clean, intuitive fashion.”

“We have many years of experience of designing and implementing web design solutions for all kinds of businesses, and we’ve worked hard in recent years to develop a stable yet flexible platform for new and established companies to grow their business worldwide.”

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