At Bing Digital we are never afraid of moving with the times; especially in an industry as fast-moving as digital marketing. That’s why we are now offering content marketing as a specialist, results-driven service to our clients.Flexibility is the name of the game and in the current digital climate it is growing increasingly difficult to stay ahead of your competitors without a comprehensive digital content strategy.Google’s recent Penguin algorithm update has meant it is ever more important to provide your website visitors with content that not only sells your products and services in the best way possible, but helps to situate your company as an authority and one that looks out for its customers.At its core, content marketing remains very much a copywriting service; reaching out to prospects by providing them with interesting content that starts a dialogue and turns brand strangers into brand advocates.One of the most notable developments in the behaviour of web users is the way they like to share their online experiences with friends and family. You’ll no doubt be one yourselves. You may have visited a wonderful restaurant and left a glowing review or shared an interesting blog post that’s resonated with you.Put simply, social media is now the number one platform for users to broadcast and share not just their lives, but the content you’re producing too! So now is the time to put some effort into content marketing and reap the rewards of brand exposure, improved search engine rankings and customer acquisition.The sheer enormity of content that people can consume on a daily basis means that with such empowered audiences it is no longer good enough to create content as a side note to the brand; brands need to be the content.

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