facebook-marketing-helpFor businesses looking to promote their brand to highly-specific audiences at an optimal cost, Facebook advertising is increasingly the way to go. At Bing Digital we are well versed in targeting Facebook ads to audiences that are passionate about our clients services, products or brands.

If you feel like you have wasted hundreds, maybe thousands, of pounds worth of paid advertising trying to get your products or services in front of the right people to convert, then read on.

We have spent years becoming accustomed with Facebook targeting, ensuring we know exactly what demographics to target for certain adverts and offers, and how to attract them to click and sign-up.

The traditional Facebook advertising model increasingly offers diminishing returns. For example, if you’re a motor repairs business that’s advertising on Facebook to people who like ‘Formula 1’ or ‘Moto GP’, the chances are you’re throwing your money down the drain. The reason is simple. It’s impossible to guarantee whether a Facebook user who likes ‘Formula 1’ or ‘Moto GP’ will be interested in motor repairs today.

Targeting people with their interests is no longer enough.

That’s where we come in.

We use industry-leading techniques and our own targeting software which talks directly to the Facebook API to pinpoint the users that are actively liking and commenting on the newest, most relevant Facebook pages and posts. We can even target fans of your competition!  Reaching out to this active demographic can greatly increase overall conversion rates of your Facebook advertising for a much lower cost. We call these warm leads as we know they are in your market and active.

Taking targeting one step further

Our targeting tool will help build lists of active facebook accounts. For us it’s not just about numbers but engagement as this will lead to conversions. The lists can then be marketed to directly through the Facebook Pay Per Click system. Because they are so niche and targeted the click spend is tiny.

We can :

  • Target Group Members – target all the members of a group or just the most active ones of them.
  • Target the Most Passionate Page Fans – Instead of targeting large audiences using the classic Facebook targeting options, you can now narrow your audience to only reach the most passionate users of any page you require.
  • Graph Search Targeting – The new Facebook Graph Search allows you to search for people using sentences like “People who like Fish and chip and live in London” or “Parents that live near by”

“Topshop have over 3 Million Fans with 18 Thousand actively engaging with them.”

Instead of spending thousands on advertising to large audiences by their interests, it is possible to shortlist and extract the most passionate active users currently liking and commenting on your particular niche.

How many active fans has your competitors Facebook page got? Would you like to get your message or product in front of  them? We can help you!

Facebook marketing is made out to be extremely complicated by some people. But we’re here to reassure that it’s really not. If you don’t have the time or resource to take the long term road of carefully nurturing friendships and relationships with potential customers, building value and trust on Facebook, we can help you target them quickly and accurately.

Facebook has always been a great place to market your brand. As one of the most popular websites on the vast expanse of the internet you have the largest pool of customers imaginable to target at your fingertips. But knowing how to find the ones that will be most receptive to your offering is the difference between getting a return on your advertising investment and a loss-maker.

Stop paying for ads that don’t deliver the return on investment you expect.

If you would like to run your next Facebook advertising campaign with optimum efficiency then why not give Bing Digital a try? Our experienced paid advertising team can find the quality audiences you’re after, target them, and generate leads that convert. We would happily give you a demo of how this can benefit your company.

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