The secret to great content marketing is not just about creating something that’s out of the ordinary, it’s about finding the right audiences to promote it to. Without followers and readers it’s simply a waste of time and resource to write it in the first place as the content won‘t work anywhere near as hard for your website as it would with the right promotion.

They say that you should spend twice as long as it takes you to write the article to promote it; and that’s not a bad suggestion when you consider the potential for social network interactions and backlinks when promoted properly.

So here are some useful tips of the trade to help promote your online content and get your business heard and talked about in the right circles:

Optimise for search engines

New content that is not optimised for major search engines puts you at a disadvantage from the word go. If people cannot find your article or infographic by searching the web using relevant keywords then you’re going to need a pretty big social media marketing campaign to underpin it! Optimise the page title and meta description to encourage users to click through – give them a reason to read your content.


Google is increasingly placing more influence on pages with Google+ authorship mark-up, which suggest authority and credibility in respective niches. If you haven’t already, set up a personal Google+ account and implement authorship on every single piece of content you create – you’ll soon outrank competitors that don’t recognise the value of Google+ and enhance your reputation.

Would YOU want to share it?

The real litmus test for any piece of content I create is to decide whether I would be happy to share it to my followers and contacts? The more useful and comprehensive your content is, the more likely a user is to consider sharing or linking to it. Industry bloggers will be increasingly more likely to share such articles as they add further value to their readers.

Liaise with the blogging community

On the subject of industry bloggers, these particular enthusiasts can perform as effective allies to any promotion of content. By getting bloggers within your niche on-side it not only indicates a strong brand community, it will instantly amplify the reach of your article. With every social share by a blogger, your content grows increasingly more authoritative, greatly improving its performance in the search engines.

In order to build long term relationships with bloggers don’t forget to show appreciation for any shares or comments of your content. In future you could always massage their ego by providing them with a sneak peek ‘preview’ of your content before it goes live to the masses. They may respond more warmly to the possibility of giving it a mention to their followers.

Recreate existing content for various platforms

If a particular piece of content has performed well, don’t be afraid to recreate it into different versions for other platforms, be it social media or even offline. It’s kind to you in terms of resources as you’ve already put in the hard work creating the content in the first place; your task is to simply replicate it in different, more interesting versions e.g. infographics, surveys, brochures and e-books.

It’s normally very straightforward to get links to your replicated content. You can simply return to those who linked and shared the initial content and pitch to them, asking if they would link to the new version.

Affiliate marketing

Another effective way to get boggers to champion your cause is by offering them the incentive of becoming an affiliate for your brand. A blogger may be prepared to review and talk about your product on their site and, in turn, you could reward them with commission for every referral to your site where a consumer purchases your product.

This approach can be used as part of a long-term content promotion strategy, as it’s not just a one-off sales promotion; you could suggest to a blogger that they continually include your product and content visible on-site in the form of a guest post.

Industry interviews

If you are fortunate enough to have already built up a credible reputation within your niche then it’s highly likely websites will want to interview you. This is another channel that you can take advantage of with a little self-promotion and reference of your content; where appropriate of course!

Guest blogging

Although it may seem that everyone has jumped on the guest blog bandwagon now, it’s still a very effective channel for content promotion and distribution. By creating a high-quality, well-written post on an authoritative guest blog with good domain authority and Page Rank, you not only get traffic back to your site and possible conversions, but you get an excellent link back to your site which can hopefully improve your position in the search engine results pages long term.

Be sure not to use commercial anchor text links in your guest articles. Long tail non-commercial or branded anchor text seems to be the way forward to avoid any Google penalties regarding unnatural links and article placing.

There’s no doubt it takes time to promote your content, but if you want it to make its intended impact then the simple steps above will help position you well within your niche.

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