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Are you searching for a web development team for a new Magento ecommerce website? At some point, you’ll be faced with the choice between an official Magento Certified Partner or a non-partner. At Bing Digital, we passionately believe that the former is by far the best choice. In this post, we’ll be looking at the reasons why a Magento Certified team trumps the competition…

But first, what is the Magento Certification?

Magento is used by 260,000+ brands worldwide, making it the world’s #1 commerce platform. Many web developers will be familiar with Magento. Some may have used the platform once or twice. But, how can you ensure they are proficient enough with the platform to build a top-quality ecommerce store? Should you simply take somebody at their word? Or would prefer to see evidence of their capabilities first?

The solution to this problem is the Magento Certification, a qualification that shows a web developer has passed a rigorous test to prove his or her aptitude on the platform. A Magento Certified Developer can expertly use all the business processes in Magento, such as layouts, themes, shipping, payment, promotions, importing and exporting, and much more.

There are several different certification levels to choose from. At Bing Digital, we have 3 x Magento Certified Developers, 2 x Magento Certified Developer Plus and 2 x Magento Certified Solutions Specialists. In fact, all our development team are Magento Certified Developers.

As you can see, with this qualification, a web developer can validate their capabilities. But the differences don’t end there. A Certified Bing Digital Magento Developer can offer so much more:

• Front-to-Back Quality

Do you want an ecommerce store that just about works or one that works well? There’s a big difference. Whether it’s the store front or the back-of-house configuration, an expert developer can create an environment that shoppers and merchants alike will love. Great navigation, expert UX design, polished finish – you can expect this and a lot more with a Certified Bing Digital Magento Developer

• Experience Counts

It takes two years to become a Certified Bing Digital Magento Developer. That’s a lot of hard work and even more code. With this level of experience in place, you can expect results – we’re not learning as we go. And you can expect a more efficient approach too – so no silly mistakes. We know what to expect, so we can plan accordingly.

• Better Business Results

A Certified Bing Digital Magento Developer will be able to align your website with your business’s needs. With a more effective and focused store, you can expect better results – a big plus point if you’re concerned with sales and conversion rates.

• Longevity

Once your site is up and running, what next? It will undoubtable need some updates over the coming years. We can provide the ongoing support you need, ensuring your ecommerce store stays up-to-date and is firing on all cylinders at all times.

Can we help?

If you’re searching for a Certified Magento Team to help with your next project, Bing Digital can help. Our Magento ecommerce development services and 24/7 support package is ideal for any business that wants the assurances that they’re getting the highest level of expertise – now and in the future. If you’d like to chat, we’d love to hear from you – get in touch.

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