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We are a London based app development agency that has been helping clients build beautiful apps for almost a decade. Our award-winning app designers and developers will ensure that you get the best experience when you work with us.

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Mobile App Development

If you’re reading this on your phone, you know how convenient mobile phones are for staying connected, checking e-mails, researching, shopping—the list goes on and on. Mobile technology has revolutionised the world of e-commerce, and mobile apps allow people and businesses to stay connected everywhere, all the time. Whether you need an entirely new mobile app or you want to re-design an existing one, Bing Digital has the mobile app development tools you need to make mobile app design fast and easy. Get in touch today to start your mobile app project.

We live in a mobile world.

The prevalence and advancements of mobile technology have reshaped the field of e-commerce, giving rise to an entire industry of mobile commerce. The emergence of mobile commerce entails that businesses must do more to succeed than having a website and a digital presence. To stay at the top of the game, businesses need mobile apps. While an online presence is crucial for any business, an expands the reaches of a company because it allows for a constant connection between a business and the consumer without the consumer ever having to open a browser and search for the business. With a mobile app, the consumer can push one button to get connected. Companies also love mobile apps, which open more ways for businesses to engage their customers with user-friendly interfaces, amplify their marketing strategies with features like push notifications, and collect more profound user data through app access to device functions like cameras, GPS, and more.

A mobile app that seems like it was made for you because it was designed by you

App Development LondonAt Bing Digital, we know that when it comes to your business, you understand the ins and outs better than anyone. So, when it comes to developing a mobile app, why not give the reigns to the someone who understands the business the most? Our program allows you to design and customise your own mobile app so that you can know the app from top to bottom just like every other aspect of your business. Of course, we are still here 24/7 to support you, but when it comes to app features, permissions, and notifications, the power is in your hands!

The best part is that you don’t have to learn or know any code to develop a mobile app. Our simplified user interface lets you design and build with ease and confidence. The app development program enables you to:

  • Custom-design native apps that are compatible with iOS and Android
  • Explore and tweak your app before production with accelerated prototyping
  • Stay on top of the data with REST API
  • Test user experience and make improvements before launch
  • Update app features in real-time

Native Apps

Native apps are what most people think of when they picture an app on App Store or Google Play. Unlike web apps, native apps are designed and coded to work with a specific platform like iOs or Android. Because they are built for a specific platform, native mobile applications are faster, more reliable, and work seamlessly with a platform’s design patterns and standards. Native apps can also be coded to access, with user permissions, a range of device features such as camera, microphone, contacts, location, calendar, etc. Publishers can also design built-in push notifications to increase customer engagement. We are an app development agency that empowers you to:

  • Build native apps without knowing or writing any code!
  • Design a native app with intuitive user interface
  • Publish a native app for both iOS and Android platforms
  • Step-up your marketing game with push notifications

Accelerated Prototyping

Take your app out for a test drive within hours of development with our accelerated prototyping. Our mobile applications development program allows you to send a test app to your own phone or tablet, so you can discover for yourself how user-friendly your app is and what sorts of features are needed to improve it. Bing Digital’s accelerated prototyping lets you:

  • Check out the look and feel or your native app before rolling it out for the public
  • Close the gap between designer and user: get the real user experience
  • Download the test app to see how beautifully it functions on a real mobile or tablet device

Data Connectivity with REST API

Our mobile apps include a built-in REST API connector wizard that lets you sync your app to existing backend systems without having to fuss with re-programming. The REST API utilizes OAuth 2.0 to authenticate users and secure app access so that you can protect your business and your customers. The Bing Digital app developer gets you:

  • Programmatic access to app data
  • Connectivity between the app and your backend systems
  • User authentication with OAuth 2.0
  • Reusable REST API for other applications

Agile App Development

Don’t wait for end users to rate your app to find out what improvements need to be made! At Bing Digital, we adhere to the agile development theory, which upholds the basic principle that an app should be simple in design and easy to use and modify. Simple enough, right? Agile methodology means that you can test and improve your app during and after the development stages, with changes being reflected in real-time, saving you time and money. Testing during development lets you ensure a positive user experience through early end user feedback. Any changes or improvements are integrated immediately, so you can meet development deadlines and roll out updates to the app post-production. Use agile app development to your advantage to:

  • app development LondonStay within budget and on schedule with development
  • Test and receive feedback before production
  • Improve and update the app and see changes in real-time
  • Guarantee a positive user experience by adapting to consumer expectations and needs
  • Mobilise user analytics from Google or Flurry Analytics so you can assess usage, user preferences and more!
We are here 24/7

While your business is your business and we’ve put the reigns of mobile app development in London in your hands, we are dedicated to helping you develop tools for the digital world. So, if any questions pop up about design, layout, features, permissions, analytics, or anything else, we are here for you, 24/7! Just think of our support center as an app, here for you anytime.


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