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Hackett London

Hackett London

A leading UK and International Menswear brand that needs little introduction. With ties to Formula 1, Aston Martin and a long fashion heritage, stemming back to the first store which opened in 1979. Hackett London is a luxury fashion brand with an undeniable market presence.

What we set out to do

Bing Digital was approached to review and consult on the current state of play with Hackett Londons Magento website. Through data harvesting, audience capture and stakeholder interviews we devised a UX methodology which ensured conversions would increase whilst giving the brand a stable and robust customer-facing website to trade form. Our delivery included a full UX audit across multiple devices and user types, gathering core data of the existing site strengths and failings which was compiled into an easy to understand planning document. This informed our Creative Director and design team on making the right decisions through the design of the User Experience wireframes and later the full re-design of the site front end.

The results from our work have given Hackett London a site that now converts visitors into customers and considerably boosted their bottom line.

Our Role

  • Wireframing
  • UX & UI Design
  • Conversion rate optimisation

What makes their website unique?

It was imperative to keep the brand ethos at the forefront of our design. We didn’t want the site to blend into the vast amount of fashion sites, but also it had to be familiar enough for any user to understand how to shop.

The Mobile Wireframes

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