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Re-imaging McAfee

McAfee got in touch because they were looking to move away from a yearly boxed software solution and more toward a subscription based system. A massive step forward for the company and a change that needed expert planning and approach.

The Aim for the business was to enter a new market place and  joining the likes of Adobe, Microsoft, Netflix and many other market leaders who deliver their products digitally on a monthly basis. The project involved the redesign of the McAfee eCommerce website whilst supporting the business change to focus towards the new Subscription only Platform.


Our Approach

By gathering industry and consumer based metrics and by using McAfee’s own customer data, we developed test cases to inform the user experience design. It needed to be; easy to use, appealed to mass markets whilst also deliver a personal feel. Our approach was to solve market problems; For example, The Antivirus market is dominated by free to use programs, with a recent Opswat survey showing almost 60% of the market is made up of free antivirus software and on average less than 5% of the users of free antivirus are willing to pay in the future. A large number of these customer cite cost as their main reason. Our design needed to install a premium useful product that was credible, easy to interact with and of course, secure.

Identifying with the customer

The 65 year and over age demographic in the United Kingdom have virus and online fraud as their top concern, while younger age ranges have fraud and online safety as their top concern. With the growth of subscription service being predominately from the younger generation, we have chosen for the purpose of this design example to focus on how we can adapt design elements or modules for the family market. Doing so by the use of targeted advertising campaigns and a modular design, where we can easily swap out content depending on the user and their demographic.

To really engage with the younger family market that up until this point hasn’t shown great interest in Antivirus software we need to talk their language.

Parents already spend a massive amounts of money on the protection of their children, purchasing helmets along with a bike, or pads to accompany a skateboard or scooter. By applying this same sales tactic for Antivirus software we can position the message to what matters most to them, the protection of their children. Which in turn makes the task of selling the software much easier.

In the family design we made a few changes in order to subtlety talk to this market. With this change of imagery to children using devices and the content language and tone we have the ability to easily change the message from protect your computer to protect your children, which is a much more powerful message for this market.

The Solution

With the launch of a pay monthly subscription option to the Mcafee line, which will reduce the issue of “cost of entry barrier” for many, this will enable McAfee to focus on talking directly to each demographic and their concerns, appose to general concerns as a whole that many currently do. By doing so we aren’t trying to convince the mass market they should be paying for protection with general product benefits but rather convincing targeted markets with targeted benefits.