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In this post, we’ll examine how online reviews affect ecommerce sales and share a few tips for generating more high-quality reviews and feedback online for your business.

What’s the connection?

The connection between high-quality reviews and increased ecommerce sales is well documented. Research by Profitero shows a correlation between the number of reviews a product has and ecommerce sales. Products with more reviews were shown to receive a lift in sales. In fact, the research revealed that the addition of just one initial review to a product with no reviews could increase traffic to that product by as much as 108% and ramp up the conversion rate by 68%

What is your business doing to increase ecommerce sales performance? If you’re not utilising the persuasive power of online reviews, you’re missing out.

Want to get quality online reviews?

If you want to attract more quality online reviews to your ecommerce store, try actively engaging your audience. Ask for feedback by sending a post-purchase email (PIE) to follow up on each shopper’s purchase and overall shopping experience.

Post-interaction emails are an essential tool for driving customer review volumes up. Usually sent a few days after a purchase, they invite customers to leave a review of the product they purchased.

Below are some post-interaction email (PIE) tips.

Don’t distract from your main aim

The aim of your PIE is to encourage the customer to act and leave a review. Research has shown that including promotional material for additional products and services is likely to reduce the likelihood of the recipient clicking through and leaving a review.

Get to the point

Keep your message brief. It’s simple.

Don’t be pushy

Urgent and forceful words in the subject line, such as today and now, have been shown to reduce response rates by as much as 28%. Try to use questions instead, they are far more engaging. Don’t forget to include your business name in the subject line too.

Offer an incentive

Many companies offer an incentive, such as discounts on future purchases, for customers who reply to PIE requests. Think about the type of discounts or coupons you could offer your clients post-purchase.

Conduct A/B tests

Your customers are unique, so what works for one business may not produce the same results and feedback for you. This is where A/B testing can help. Tweak your PIE subject line and experiment with different incentives and wording until you find a combination that works best for you.

Don’t give up

It can take time to get results and see a meaningful increase in the number of responses and reviews your ecommerce store gets. Keep going and pay attention to what does and doesn’t work and you will soon reap the rewards.

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